Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Temple Envy

While visiting the family, I spent one morning with Hubby and Mom and went to the temple.  How long did it take, 5 minutes to drive there, 2 hour session, 5 minutes home.  I am jealous.  I could go to the temple during preschool (if I lived in such a place).  However, I will be a bigger person, and overcome my jealousy by saying I am grateful to live within 2 hours of a temple.  And, if my trips to the temple do take 6-9 hours depending on the car traffic and temple traffic,  I must say I am just grateful for the opportunity to go.  Truly, the temple is a beautiful place, and I love going there to feel peace, quiet, and get answers to my prayers.

Okay, let's get real, count this as my call for a temple in Tucson.

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Sara said...

Sarah dear...i need your address:)