Thursday, December 3, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's that time of year again. The cards have been sent, and it's time for the annual recap. We've had a full year. We've laughed a lot, mourned our losses, celebrated new life, and been grateful we've been with each other through it all. Here it goes:

January: I (Sarah) enjoyed learning about my new camera, as you can see here.

February: Our family took a trip to Colossal Caves for Valentines Day. We all had a great time. I also learned that even though my ideas of celebrating Valentines as a family is a great idea, an even better idea is celebrating it as a married couple.

March: this was a full month. We had piano recitals, my parents came to visit, we announced a new child on the way, Liz had soccer games, the pregnancy was complicated, and I went on a much needed and loved girls trip with the ladies in my family. We also said goodbye to a beloved Nana, Nana Betty (Bj's grandma) returned to Heavenly Father.

April: This month I tried my hand at creating my own digital kit found here to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research.

May: I started my very own, much neglected, quilting blog. We also found out we were having a little boy, our Noah. I also received some fabulous news. I had submitted a proposal to publish my own quilting book with Martingale, and behold, they wanted to do it. I was told I had until the first of August to complete the manuscript. Bj took the girls on the much anticipated and loved Daddy Daughter Campout. Madeline and Mitchell finished 3rd and 1st grades and were so excited to enjoy the summer.

June: We learned our kids love beef tenderloin and love making lots of money with a lemonade stand. I had a great friend take pictures of me for the book. And, we found a rattlesnake, curled up peacefully about 24 inches from our patio. Curse rattlesnakes. I spent my days on the computer and sewing machine working to finish my book (with lots of help from Nana Laura).

July: Madeline spent her time in UT with my side of the family, while the rest of us stayed at home to enjoy the heat. I continued working on the book. After all that hard work, our family decided to take a little vacation to Phoenix...I know it was really far.

August: The book is due. I did it, and sent it off. School started, so early! I started feeling somewhat grumpy about my growing girth. Liz lost her first tooth! Rooms were decorated, cooking shows were introduced, playsets were built, and gallons of jam were made to fill the freezer.

September: Noah Benjamin came to our family on the 5th...and we all fell in love with him!!! Mitchell was baptized on his birthday, and Noah was blessed the very next day. Bj also found out why they have straps on wii-motes.

October: we mourned the loss of a beloved nephew, Emmett Paul Anderson, and found much peace in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Halloween came and went bringing with it the flu, and lots of candy.

November: Isn't it still November? I guess not. Noah grew to a whopping 10 lbs., and we all love him to bits and pieces.

December: the best is yet to come!

We hope this year has been a good one for your families as well. We sure love our friends and family! We love visiting friends and families blogs, websites, and other "stuff." Let us know what you're doing!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stubborn.. me?

Bj has been going out of town for work a little more lately. Last time he left on a Monday, returned on Thursday at 11:45 p.m., this week will be more of the same. I hate to admit it (but since it might make you smile, I will), I vowed then, as I do now, to not take out the trash while he is gone. Now, one might wonder...why?
1. I am lazy, and our BIG trash can is all the way outside on the side of the house.
2. I have plenty of jobs, I mean it...plenty. This is Bj's one for sure job, he takes out the trash.
3. It's a little bit know, a challenge to see if I can actually go 4 days with 5 people (including an infant) and just one bag of garbage.

Well, last time, I did make it the 4 days. And it is looking like I might make it this time too. I still have a good 6 inches before the garbage reaches the "point of no return." And, really, I am just being green right? So, how do I do it? Careful planning. Dinners....leftovers create very little trash. The easier the dinner the better, and no cans....or at least recycle them.

So, wish me luck. Only one more day, and I can't create too much trash or I might have to break down and actually take it out.