Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fruit

Christmas Fruit

In our home, we renamed all the days of Christmas.  The day before Christmas Eve is Christmas Adam, then Christmas Eve, then Christmas, and the day after Christmas is Christmas Fruit.  Obviously, the kids had a big hand in the naming of these days, and it has been fun to have new decorations to celebrate the different days.   All this to say, Merry Christmas Fruit.

Todays 5th day of Holiday is about our Mitch.  These pictures are taken from his school Christmas program, and his class party.  When he got up on the stand to sing, I was waving at him so he would know where I was, and he looked at me and gave me the biggest wink.  Man, that kid is a cutie!  Of course, he is too old to be a cutie, so he is very handsome.  The next day, we had the party at school.  I was responsible for bringing hot chocolate....I must say, does anyone know how to safely transport liquids in a car?  I am seriously lacking this skill.  Anyway, as you can tell, Mitch has inherited his father's skill of posing for pictures.

So, last Saturday when we went to see the lights we went to Ikea for dinner.  Mitch is  not a small eater, and he wanted an extra helping of Mac and Cheese.  Bj gave him the   money, and sent him to go buy it for himself.  Mitch just took the money and went for it.  He didn't look back, he wasn't concerned about being alone, he just did it.  When he couldn't reach the mac and cheese from the top counter, he just kept jumping, and reaching until they noticed him.  No panic attacks, no break downs, nothing  (boys seriously are easier).  It seems like a simple thing, but I love watching him gain independence.  It was so fun to watch!

Merry Christmas Fruit!

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