Sunday, November 30, 2008

We're Back

I didn't really want to let blogland know we were going to be out of town for sometime, but....I guess you could tell anyway. We went to the fabulous family compound and enjoyed a great Thanksgiving week with the family. On our way, we planned a stop at the Polar Express. We had so much fun. We took our sweet time getting there, but we arrived early, went swimming, had dinner in our jammies, and rode on the 6:30 train. It was so fun to watch the wonder in my kids' eyes as they saw Santa. We listened to the book, had hot chocolate and cookies, met Santa, and enjoyed some Christmas time together.

It was actually cold there. Imagine that. You can see us all with our coats on (a rare occurrence nowadays....but don't worry, the girls are all still wearing our flip flops). brrrrr!
Here is Santa and sweet Elizabeth, she loved getting her very own bell from Santa.

The Grand Canyon

It is amazing to us, but none of us had ever been to the grand canyon. I have flown over it many a time, but I guess that doesn't count. Being the absolute party animal that I am (ha), I have to admit I thought this route would add minutes to our trip, and that it would kill me to see the hours roll by without making much progress. However, (I know you are glad to see I might be changing...finding joy in the journey and all), I did enjoy it. It was amazing to see the canyon, it is indeed GRAND. It was slightly scary to me as Bj took himself and our son beyond the small wall to look over the edge, I kept imagining them both plunging to their deaths...but alas, we are all alive, and we are better off. Madeline was scared to death, and cried as we got close to the edge. Elizabeth wasn't scared, her crawling all over me wasn't fear of the canyon, just fear of the flash. Mitchell kept commenting on his bravery and courage at climbing over the wall and tempting fate....I, being the fabulous mother I am, crushed that belief, by telling him that doing something dangerous just because it is dangerous isn't brave, it is stupid. I continued that ....bravery must be for some good cause (country, freedom, family....not for kicks). I may not get the "mother of the year" award for that speech, but I may keep a kid alive. Here's hoping!


We spent Thanksgiving with my whole family. This is the first time this has happened since....well, since we grew up and went our own ways. But, now everyone is closer to the homeland and it is easier to get together. We spent the first 5 days alone with my parents just enjoying the lack of responsibility. We swam in the 90 degree pool, went for runs, walks, and bike rides, looked at beautiful Christmas trees, enjoyed Christmas presentations, played the wii, played ping pong, made neighbor and family gifts, visited friends, and enjoyed the good life (as good as it can get without Internet).

The kids table!

Here's our water baby. Loved every minute in the pool, and did it the whole time without water wings.

Cousins! These two were inseparable, it is so fun watching them grow up together. Here's wishing we lived closer.

This kid worked hard on his flips, dives, and beating the competition in all the pool games.

We had such a great time. I absolutely loved the alone time, and enjoyed the lack of responsibility. November was a super crazy month full of tasks upon tasks, but hopefully, I can hurry and finish all the commercial Christmas stuff early, and take time to enjoy the beauties of this season. I am so grateful for these moments, where I can run away from it all, and hopefully come back better, and ready to tackle it all again, but with a good attitude and a loving heart. Wish me luck.

Oh....and the Christmas cards are ready. Do you want one? I have a limited number, but if you want one and I have enough left, just shoot me an email with your address and I will send you one.


Min said...

Welcome back!
Are we already on the list for a card? I love seeing your cards...I hope we make the list =)
Happy December!

reddquilter said...

ME TOO ! We NEED your Christmas Card. Love to see your family.
Love, Aunt Becky