Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost...can you Find?

Who knew I would be using my blog to help me find lost items?  Ah well.  I'd like to draw your attention to the coat I am wearing.  See how it looks all warm and worthy of being on the ski slopes?  I have lost the red coat, and I am hoping I left it at one of your houses.   Maybe one of you borrowed it, and I can't remember.  I spent quite a bit of time searching for this beauty when I visited the homeland last weekend...and I have to say, I was a little chilly without it.  So, here is my last ditch effort to find my only good coat.  I hope this actually works!!!!   If anyone does know the whereabouts of this beauty please leave a comment or call or email or whatever.  Thanks.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Outie!

That's right.  I'm outta here.  I'm out of this perfect 70 degree weather we've been having and heading to perfectly freezing temperatures.  But, if this is what I have to do to spend some time with the girlies in my fab family and to get some great spa treatments...by golly, that is what I am going to do.  So, wish my great hubby luck while he wrestles (I mean enjoys quality time) with our little ones.  What a bummer....I am missing cleaning day!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


That has been my mantra this week.  Try to stay positive.  This week started out sour, I would love to share all the fabulous details, but I am sure you don't want to hear them.  Let's just say that my thoughts that morning sickness was getting worse was wrong, I had the stomach flu, and I got to purge my stomach for the first time in over 20 years.  Lovely, I don't think I have missed that!   I had dreams for this week...it being spring break for my kids and all, but alas, we all got the flu and were couch ridden all week.  I also had some complications with the pregnancy which brought some added stress.  Luckily, things seem to be going better now, we are not dehydrated anymore, the fevers have for the most part departed (except the Lizard).  So, let's see...what are the positive things that happened this week?

Well, in the all the complications I got an Ultrasound which showed that we are probably going to be having a boy (90% sure).  Plus, the baby was moving....that is always a plus!  Most of us are secretly hoping for a boy, so this is a happy little note....of course, Madeline was slightly disappointed.   Madeline and Mitchell were also able to watch enough TV and play enough video games to last them the rest of the year, so I am sure I won't hear how they never get to play or watch TV for quite some time.  While Liz has been so sick with a fever...she has had the funniest conversations with me.  I absolutely love hearing her take on life, and she always brings a smile to my face.  Seriously, this poor kid has been laying on the couch for the past week, and she still has a funny sense of humor even though her eyes can barely stay open.  Bj also got to spend 2 days at home with us this week....we never would have had that time with him unless he was sick....see, that is positive!  Also, I have felt so blessed to have such good friends.  Summer has brought us soup, pop, crackers, bread, and love....and after that when more trials were heaped upon us she brought a fabulous dinner.  I am so blessed to have such a great friend.  My friends the Rasmussen's dropped everything they were doing and came to give me and Liz a blessing, and so willingly substituted for me today in church.  Seriously, what a great week!!!!  (Did I convince you?)

As I was retiring to bed last night I remembered Henry B. Eyring's talk from conference awhile ago.   He talked about recognizing the hand of God in your life, and trying to see his influence every day.   Even though this week was less than perfect, I truly see His hand in easing the negatives of it for me.  I had friends/family from far who called and checked on me.  I had friends (near) who served with love, and I certainly had comfort and peace from above.  God's hand indeed!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Nothing interesting to say, but since no one is updating their blogs, and I wish I had something fun to read, I thought I might provide something to read for others (even if it isn't so "fun").

Things I am thinking:

*I should really scrapbook, but that would mean I would actually have to do something with myself.
*I should also quilt the 8, yes 8, quilt tops that are waiting for me.  Seriously, I should get moving on that.
*Hey, but I'm okay...I mean, I have 8 quilt tops done,....that's something to say...right?
*Really, I should quilt those tops.
*I like having Bj cook dinner outside!  The smell of all the onions/peppers/meat stayed outside, and I was almost able to eat my whole dinner. BONUS!
*Am I going to get my energy back?
*Why can't I find a "from scratch" blueberry muffin recipe as good as the boxed betty crocker recipe?
*When should I start gaining weight?  Is there a way I can forgo this part of pregnancy?
*I live for the weekends.  I love spending time with the love of my life.  I love that last night after the kids went to bed, I spent an hour on the treadmill, he spent an hour on Wii Fit, and we were both super happy about it.
*I am loving big baggy clothes.  I am not even showing yet, but I love big baggy clothes.
*I have weird dreams now.  The last weird one had all my best guy friends from high school in it (pre hair loss), and our house was filled with pastries.
*I told Mitchell my idea for his baptism dinner (I am planning WAY ahead...it's in September)....BBQ pork sandwiches.  He wants tea party food instead (cucumber sandwiches, little PB&J,  ham and cheese, etc...).  Where did I get this kid?

Okay, I provided you enough ammunition for one evening.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's True.

Yes, it's true.  The floating baby isn't just a joke, it is actually real.  The due date is Sept. 20 for all you people still wondering.   This pregnancy has been filled with many fun adventures, and I am trying to enjoy every bit of it since I am planning to have it be our last.  Bj has proven himself to be a saint.  He has happily been the shopper, the cook, the cleaner, the back rubber, and whatever else I need for him to be.  I have felt VERY sick this time around, and Bj has done more than his share of the load, and he has done it with a smile on his face.  Seriously, what a complete Prince! Many have asked about my migraines during the pregnancy, and to answer that, I have only had 3-4, and luckily I have found a secret way of getting rid of them without Excedrin.

I have to apologize to any and all friends I have neglected in the past few months.  I have been slightly preoccupied with getting through each day being a moderately good mother and wife, that's about all I have accomplished.  So, I hope you all know I love you to pieces.

We are excited for this baby to come to our family, the kids happily pray each night for him/her to be healthy and strong.  Madeline is excited to have the baby share her room with her (she feels like she is the only one mature enough to have this big responsibility).  I am anxious to find out the sex of the baby, I don't love surprises.  Boy or Girl will be great, but if we happen to even it out, I wouldn't be sad.  Oh, and names????  We have no idea, so if you have a great name you just won't be using, send it on my way.

Thanks to you all for your comments, emails, and well wishes.  We are very excited to grow our little family to a respectable number (6 really is better than 5).  

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We have had a fairly busy couple of weeks.  My parents came to visit, and we had a great time with them.  I think we ate a little too well, but that is to be expected when we have such great visitors come.  Bj's Nana passed away, and we have had a good time scanning all her pictures and having Bj make a video of her (you can see it here).  Liz has been in soccer, while Mitchell has been taking golf lessons.  Bj also took on a major home project.  Mitch and Madeline had a piano recital, and they both did fabulous.   So here are the pics of all the random stuff we have done the past couple weeks.

Liz with her fabulous soccer ball.  She is such a great player, and I love to see her smile as she smokes all her competition.
When my parents came into town we went to the butterfly exhibit.  It was amazing.  I saw butterfly's I never even imagined existed.  There were some beautiful black and turquoise ones, as well as black and magenta.  Of course, I couldn't sneak a pic of those.  Liz was terrified of the butterflies.  They were everywhere, zipping in and out of our hair, arms, legs, etc.  She was ready to leave the butterfly sanctuary about 30 seconds after we got there.

My sweet Mom.  She is the best.

So, last week we had a family party.  The pool is still cold, please don't be fooled.  But, our children, being the spaz children they are, decided it didn't matter, and jumped in anyway.  They are crazy.  Luckily, it is warm outside, but that pool was certainly frosty (45 degrees F to be exact).

The piano recital was perfect.  I love our teacher, she is so fabulous.  This was such a great experience, with little fear involved.  The kids did great, and I felt so proud to have other the  parents asking me about my great children afterward. 

Here's the big one.  This baby took over our weekend (last weekend).  We used to have a super high bar ....but we thought life might be slightly more convenient to have it all counter height.  So, we went for it.   Bj is so handy, I am so grateful to have such a talented hubby who can do anything he puts his mind to.  Our house was certainly messy for a few days, but wow, Bj got it done so fast, I was really impressed with him.  Now, we get to all eat at the bar for our casual eating needs, and I can sit at the counter and watch Bj cook all our meals (oh yeah, and do all our dishes too).