Monday, August 8, 2011

They are off....

The day has come, the kids are off to school.  Last night they spent time primping, getting their lunches ready, preparing their outfits, and getting excited.  Today, they are at school, hopefully learning lots.

This summer has been fun.  Fun and not productive at all.  I kept thinking of all these great plans, all these fun things to do, and what really happened is my kids were happy, well fed, and my house didn't fall apart.  I can call that success.

So today, I have done laundry, worked on stuff for church, and enjoyed not cleaning up piles upon piles of dishes.  And yet I miss their sweet gigglings and the piano playing in the background.  I sure love my kiddos!

This poor kid is left all alone.  He totally wanted to go with the others to school (he even learned how to say school, just for them).  He carried Maddie's lunch box around the house all morning and was pretty sad to let it go when they had to head off to school.  Now, it's just us.  He has made quite a few messes this morning, it's his own kind of "school."