Monday, September 27, 2010


He had a birthday, shout hurray!

We got to sing to him that day!

One year old and wiser too, 
Happy Birthday to you.... yesterday!

We had fun celebrating the "stitch's" birthday yesterday (and Saturday).  Lucky guy was surprised to get the ipod touch shown above.  We were lucky to get a great deal from craigslist, and everyone is happy.   

I can't believe my baby is nine.  This kid used to cry like crazy whenever I left the building.  He doesn't feel the same way now.  But, some things haven't changed.  He still talks non-stop, he still is a great cuddler, he still is a super big smarty pants, and he still is a great kid to be around.  This is the kid that convinced me that some babies are easy, and that I could have more.  This is the kid that never gives me grief when I ask him to do a chore.  LOVE THAT!

I love my Mitch, and I am grateful that even though he is growing up and growing old.... he still wants me to tuck him in, and give him a snuggle before he starts his slumber.  

Happy Birthday DUDE!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

As I found myself traveling a couple Sunday's ago. Here I was in a sea of people, and my day was not going well.  I had a connecting flight in Denver, and the airlines were not friends, making me get my checked baggage from baggage claim, then go all the way to the beginning of the flying process.....
check in, check bags again, go through security ....again, and walk back to the gate area.

I was slightly annoyed.  And, not in a holy way.  It was still Sunday, I was trying to keep it holy.

So, I sat down.  Got my ipod out, and started listening to the 2011 primary program songs.  Then, I thought to myself, Heavenly Father loves all these people.  I played a little game, I looked at all the people passing, and said to myself "Heavenly Father loves them."  At first, I thought I was being a little funny...but the more I thought those thoughts, the more I realized the truth of it.  A love of these strangers poured into my heart.  My usual snap judgments came crashing down, as the pure love of Christ flowed in.

What  might happen if every day I thought  "Heavenly Father loves them?"  

I think I would forgive quicker, give a little more latitude, have a larger desire to serve, and
hopefully, I would see them as God sees them.

Even though I have always tried to steer clear of Sunday travel, I am grateful for that Sunday.  The Sunday that taught me a lesson I already thought I had learned. 

Heavenly Father loves all of us.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


While I sit here waiting for the water to boil, and kids and coach to come home from soccer, I have at least 5 minutes to write a little blog post.  Life is full, fun, and frazzled.  I'm loving it.  

My sweet baby had his first haircut, and I am pretty sure his grandparents would love to see him.  So here he is, sans his beloved mullet, and he is looking more and more like a little man than ever.  

Truth be told, he is my joy.  Each day when I wake him up, he smiles at me and gives me the unconditional love I can't resist.  He imitates me, and still won't call me mama.  He makes funny noises with his tongue, crawls around the house, and walks along the furniture.  Emptying the cupboards is a main past time, and as I say ..."noah, nnooooooo" he shakes his head from side to side.  

Oh I want to squeeze him.  So, I do.

I know why God gave us babies.  It's because He loves us! 
 Babies fill our hearts to the brim, and then add a little something extra.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monsoons baby

Just a few short weeks ago, we had a great storm.  It was beautiful.  The streets were like rivers and the pavement glistened, drinking up the rain.  I love monsoon season.  Rain is amazing.

My children ran outside to partake in the celebration of water.  We rarely get this opportunity, and storms can be short here, so we have to enjoy it while we can.  I love how Liz is decked out in garbage sacks (on her head and her body).    My girls bounced and jumped down the street trying to get as wet as possible.

I remember playing in the gutters as a kid.  I loved it.  I loved getting dirty and wet.  There is such freedom in playing in the rain.  Watching my kids enjoy the rain as I did brings warmth to my heart.  Rain on!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Door Signs

After read this post, I decided to do something!    I have been putting up post-it's on my door...saying baby sleeping, and the signs always fly off in the wind.  Bummer.  So, I printed a baby sleeping sign found here, laminated it, hung it with a semi-temporary hook, and called it good.  But, on the same post, I found a sign to keep those pesky door to door sales people away.   
SERENITY NOW....that's what I have.  So, for the 25 people that have asked me to share the link with it is...enjoy.