Sunday, December 28, 2008

7th Day of Holiday

2008 Nativity
This year Bj put Madeline in charge of the Nativity.  She was responsible for everything.  Music, costumes, script, etc..   She took her responsibility seriously and we had dress rehearsals, and study periods (luke 2).  She played 3 parts (the innkeeper, the angel, and a wiseman)
Here's Mitch as a wise man, he also played the part of a shepherd.
Sweet Liz, she didn't want to be a person, so she played a sheep.  This is her afterward, she couldn't help but take care of Baby Jesus for many days.
No, this is not an announcement.  Luckily, I was able to play Mary, and It was pretty fun to have a pillow that looked so much like pregnant belly.

We hope you had a great Christmas.  We are still celebrating it a little here (with Dad being home from work).  I hope the spirit of Christmas may extend longer this year.  The feeling of generosity, giving, and selflessness is needed all the year through....maybe if we all keep it going, 2009 can be a year to remember.

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