Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 12th Anniversary

12 years ago today, I married my sweetheart in the SLC Temple.  It was a fun and crazy day.  I was excited, terrified, nervous, and relaxed all at the same time.

This year we (I) decided to forget spending money on anniversary presents.  My idea was that we each had to make something for the other person.   I was a little luckier, because each year I have always made these collages.  Bj decided to write me a poem, and I love it.  

The poem is below.  Please take note, there are inside jokes, and background if you don't get it, don't worry..I do.  Also, this is a good humored poem, there will be no tears of romantic love, just good clean funny love.  Enjoy.

The year was nineteen ninety six,
I had just transferred to BYU from Ricks.

A young lady knocked on my door and said,
“Will you help with my stuff… you can use your head?”

So I helped you move in just down the hall,
“I’m such an IDIOT! Why didn’t I call?”

I wasn’t quite ready, so we had to wait,
Before I got better it was a little too late.

You moved away to be with a “friend”,
It gave me some time for my heart to mend.

And then you came back, and I knew your name,
Lucky for me, you didn’t think I was lame.

Although I was fat, and bald, and old,
You gave me a chance for your heart to hold.

“You’re my new boyfriend”, you said with a smile,
“And mine won’t be back for at least a little while.”

Now it was on! The game had begun,
There was no telling then the extent of the fun.

We laughed, we cried, it became a part of us,
I know this line doesn’t rhyme, but I wanted to add it anyway.

There were highs and lows, and laughs and tears,
Excitement and breakups, and threats and fears.

I had my fears before the big day,
You waited till after, and that’s OK.

We’re perfect together, that’s why we work,
We each do our part and make sure we don’t shirk.

Now here we are, twelve years down the road,
We have ups and downs, but we share the load.

I knew I was lucky even way back then,
You get better and better now I’m the luckiest of men.

I thank the Lord every morning and night,
For you in my life and making it right.

I love you most deeply with all of my heart,
And promise for eternity we never will part.

Happy Twelfth Anniversary, it still feels like new,
And I’ll always feel very warmly toward you!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Very Own Star

Last week, Madeline starred as Sacagawea in the school musical of Lewis and Clark.  I was so proud of her.  She had to try out for a part, and I was excited when I found out she is playing one of the main characters.  

I was surprised, however, when her teacher talked to me about how well she was doing memorizing all her lines.  huh?  What lines, I don't hear a thing about this at home.  She practiced, obviously...but when?  She never shared that she was excited, or scared.  Even a few nights before the "show" she didn't seem to have any feelings about it.

On the night of the show, she was nervous. {Okay, she is normal!}  On stage, she was picture perfect, didn't seem nervous at all.  She sang her solo perfectly, and I was so impressed by her ability to keep her cool.  

We teased her about being "married" to her school mate Drew....that was lots of fun. {because Sacagawea was married to Charbonneau}.

We are still singing the songs...

.they were Lewis and Clark, Clark and Lewis.....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Temples Added

I know, I know, you have all been anxiously awaiting more temples to be added to the group folder (at Costco), see this post.  Alas, 3 more temples are in there.  

Are you curious? 

San Diego

Wouldn't it be cool if this was like the Prophet announcing the next temple to be built?

Let's just pretend....shall we.

And the next temple to be built is,.......... the Northwest Tucson Temple, 
to be built near Gladden Farms (there's lots of land there, you know).

Okay, wake up now! 
 The pics are real, the Tucson temple, isn't. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Super Great Finds

Magnavox 160GB HDD & DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner

My life has changed for the better.  I know, how lame, my life has changed because I found 2 fabulous ways to make watching TV and movies easier/better.

The first is the Magnavox Recorder.  This is like Tivo, but not subscription.  I love it.  I can rewind/fastforward TV, pre-record shows, etc.  I am way too cheap to pay for a service each month.  I am loving this....and it is only the cost of the machine.  Happy Day.

We used this a lot recently, and I have to say, it saves us time.  We watch what we want to watch, fast forward the commercials, and it rocks.

I know, the rest of america already has something like it, but if you don't...check this out.

The second is streaming netflix onto our TV through the Wii.  LOVE this.

I exercise on a treadmill and watch DVD's to keep me interested.  I have had netflix  all these years to help me out.  Now, life is even better.  I don't have to wait for DVD's, I can stream video through my Wii.  

Sweet Sandwiches!!!  I love this.

I can watch TV episodes, movies, documentaries, etc..  

and order your disk, they will send it to you.  It is free, and you keep it FOREVER.

The only drawback?  No parental controls, so be careful and aware of what your kids choose. We like the idea of hiding the disk.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here it is.  The semi-finished product.  Yes, the entertainment center still needs all it's goodies, but this is essentially it. The living room still needs a good scrubbing...and some base boards...and to move all the furniture back in....okay, there's still some work to do.

The family room.
  What changed? The big one: the floor.  We went with wood looking tile.  The carpet we originally had was builders grade carpet...yuck.  After five years, it was ready for a change, and we were ready for something better.  I totally wanted wood, Bj wanted tile, and we both got something we wanted.  The walls changed too, from a tan to a light blue (valspar...oxygen white).  Why?  I love that color blue, plus....I think it lightens and brightens.  Also, while we were at it, we got new base boards....soooooo much better.

Here is what it used to look like.

So, what do the kids think?  Liz (who has been requesting a move for nigh unto a year) said our house was like new, and she likes it now.  Madeline and Mitchell have been over hearing their parents (apparently), and keep talking about how this will be so much easier to clean, will look better, etc....

Bj and I did this ourselves, with some help from friends.  
Would I do a project like this again?  I want to say was slightly horrible.  Yet I know I love to save money.  I am sure I will forget the pain and agony of the last few weeks...just like childbirth.

Man, that entertainment center looks nice with nothing in it....(yes, I am a minimalist)...maybe I should leave it empty.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Camera Strap Tutorial and Give Away

Want one of these camera straps?

Want to give to a good cause?

Donate $25 or more to Great Strides, and I will send a camera strap cover your way.

Why Great Strides?  I have a dear friend (friends since Junior High, and we were roommates in college) whose daughter has Cystic Fibrosis.  The more I learn about this disease, the more I want to fight it.  For those of you who want to know more, go here.  

The life expectancy is about 37, which is getting better.  

I have a friend who just died of CF, and although she lived a long life (in her 50's), it is still hard to see her leaving her kids, grandkids, and husband. 
 Her death served as a reminder about how serious this disease is.

I hope you will take the time to make a donation, no matter how big or small.  

And if you do make a donation for a camera strap, please email me,, and send me your address, and I will send you a little joy in the mail.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tear it up!

Saturday our world changed.  We bought tile, had an easter egg hunt, then promptly decided to tear out all our carpet before the neighborhood dumpster got all FULL.  

Goodbye carpet, you were well loved, and now completely trashed.

Our kiddos did lots of work.

Tearing carpet, taking out tack strips, pulling out the base boards, and being happy the whole time.

M & M worked together.  One on the tack strips, the other on the base boards.  They tried to switch it up, but afterwards I heard them both say they were better at their previous jobs.

Oh yea, hey...if you are going to get new flooring, the walls should change color too.  RIGHT? 
You betcha!  At first, I thought I should go safe, but changed my mind at the paint store.   It's still a "safe" color, but no more tan.

Hello Mr. Noah.  Are you enjoying being neglected?  Do you love that Bumbo seat?  Are you tired of all the dust, paint, and lack of a soft surface?  

Me too!