Sunday, December 7, 2008


This time I was tagged by Tracy, let's hope I have answers to all of these.

Five things Bj loves...
1. Me
2. His kids
3. Food
4. Mario Kart
5. Football

Five things on his to-do list...
1. Go to Church meetings
2. Go on visits
3. deliver christmas presents
4. fix the lawn mower
5. refinish the table

Five snacks he loves...
1. peanut butter treats
2. jalapeno flavor sunflower seeds
3. peanut m&m's
4. hummus
5. nachos

Five things you may not know about him...
1. He is one of the most gentle men I know
2. He can hardly wait for Christmas because he is so excited to give presents to people.
3. He loves to do science projects with the kids
4. He LOVES to pack everything he can to go to: the park, camping, the beach, on vacation, etc...
5. He almost always says sorry first.

Five places he has lived...
1. Washington
2. California
3. UT
4. Michigan
5. Arizona

Five quirky things...
1. He loves to argue with family, friends, and Maddie.
2. He keeps broken electric gadgets for their parts.
3. He wants to add Peanut Butter to almost any treat.
4. He makes all the sandwiches for the kids on Sunday night (they go in the freezer).
5. He loses his credit cards more often than we would all like to admit.

Five people I tag...
1. Lydia
2. Suzzette
3. Sara Schofield
4. Katie H.
5. Shauna

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