Thursday, October 20, 2011

Like mother like son.

When I was little, I ate butter by the stick.

I know, you can hardly tell now with my long lean body.

Noah came upstairs the other day, sucking down this stick of butter with nothing but joy showing on his little face.  Instead of grabbing it from his hands and downing some myself, I ran for the camera. 

My thighs are thanking me for abstaining.

Even though I know this is "gross," I think it is hilarious, and it brings  a small smile to my face to know that one of my children is almost exactly as weird as I was when I was little.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Live

Life at our house has been a little busy as of late.  Just like everyone else in the world, we are running to and fro.  It's fun, and crazy, and full.  Life is very full.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

So here is the quick update.  We have been doing a lot of this...

and this....

Just imagine soccer 3 nights a week, gymnastics 2 nights a week, piano 2x a week, Saturday soccer games, and add in some after school programs and you can bathe in the joy I am living.  But at least I get Sundays to rest.  I love Sundays.

We celebrated Mitchell's Birthday.  He loved all the gifts, and attention, and love he received.

He especially loved the birthday party at Monkey Business.  I loved that Bj took care of it all.  Okay, I planned it, made the party favors, and cupcakes...but Bj was the man on duty.  I had to take Liz to her gymnastics, and get Maddie to her very first babysitting job, so Bj was on his own with 11 little boys.   I am sure they all had a blast without Mom there to intervene!