Tuesday, December 30, 2008

9th Day of Holiday

On the 9th Day of Holiday we celebrate the joy of friendship.  Recently, our friends moved 3 hours away.  We spent last weekend visiting them.  They were so kind to host us in their beautiful new home (with an amazing basement).  We ate well, played lots of games, decorated cookies, made fun crafts, saw a fun and quaint downtown, pulled out many slivers, teased children, and enjoyed the Christmas splendor all around.  Here are the pictures from part of the fun.  Thanks Jarman's for being such great friends.

This is Liz's cookie.  I think she dumped multiple bottles of colored sugar onto this baby.  I'm sure it tasted fantastic.
Cookie decorating is pretty intense.  The kids were all very intent on making sure their cookies were as beautiful as possible.
Maddie is a tough cookie!  She worked hard to  use all the frosting she could.
This is Bj's happy face. Maybe we should make him take a class on how to smile for a camera (he should take Mitchell with him).  Beej enjoyed decorating cookies the "man" way...pulling off limbs of the cookie man and using red frosting to make it look like it was bleeding.  

I can't believe that New Years Eve is tomorrow.  I want time to slow down.  AHHHHH!  I don't want work to start again.  This is the life.  My hubby is home all the time, I have an extra set of hands, and I don't have to be going 80 mph all the time.  Maybe tomorrow we can get really bored, that always slows time down a little bit.  I'll work on that.


The Driggs said...

Lizzie's cookie looks JUST like the ones Annika decorates! I'm so glad you got to visit the Jarmans, and I'm so glad they have a basement! (Jealousy!!!) And I love BJ's happy face. I think he'd be a lot happier if he stopped doing horrific things like tearing the limbs off of those sweet little cookies who can't fight back.

Wen said...

I'm on a blog. I am so happy! I feel like a really important person. Thanks for coming up. It was TONS of fun!!!!!