Sunday, January 23, 2011

That Blows!

Saturday our family had a fairly busy day.  One of the fun activities we had the day was Glass Blowing.  You heard me right, we all made our own glass ornaments.  Where?  At the Sonoran Glass Art Academy.

We got to choose our own colors, texture, swirls, etc.... It was so fun.  I was a little nervous about the kids being around something so HOT, but we were well protected, and the instructors did a great job.

Here is Mitch starting the blowing process.   It takes a lot of breath to get  the "bubble" started, and he did a great job.  Interesting fact:  Mitchell's colors were green and blue....that glass was pretty hot!

This is Liz working in the furnace to warm up her glass and get it uniform.

Here she is doing a great job blowing her ornament.

My tough guy was fun.  Glass was periodically exploding (in a controlled environment), but it made Bj a little jumpy.  I loved it.

Madeline was a little tentative to do this, so she chose to go last.  She did a great job, and made a beautiful ornament.  After our afternoon of fun, the kids were all too excited, and they have dreams of taking tons of glass blowing classes.  That sounds like a blast to me...but maybe, just maybe a tad expensive.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello Again....hello!

 Yes, it has been awhile.  No, I have nothing monumental to say.

What took me so long? could say there was a little burn out over at my house. Christmas was fun and wonderful, and FULL very FULL.  Lots of work goes into the preparations for Christmas, and I got plum tuckered out.  So, I took a break from all the things I "should" do and just did the necessary things.  You know, feed my kids, clean the house, and be nice to my family and friends.   I know, I know, I am lazy...but it felt sooooooo right.

We have found the wonders of Just Dance for the Wii.  Seriously, I love this game.  Why?  Well, my kids are grooving and moving when they are playing video games, plus it is fun for me to watch....and play.  I love that anyone can play, you can switch the controllers around without any issues.  It's just really user friendly, and FUN!

Another reason I love it so?  Watching my older kids dance is fun, but watching my baby dance along?  Well, that is pretty darn heart warming.  I love his little groove!