Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Isn't it Grand!

We spent last weekend at the Arizona Grand Resort. It was blistering hot, (seriously it was somewhere between 110-117 degrees while we were there), but at least we got to swim the whole time. Even though the temps were crazy high, I felt so blessed to be there. I had no idea that I needed a vacation as badly as I did, until I could take a few days to take a breath. I absolutely loved our vacation. I loved watching Mitchell tackle the insanely scary (for a 7 year old) super drop water slide. I loved watching Elizabeth prance in the wave pool. The looks from everyone at the park at my ever growing belly were also a plus. One nice lady even said to me..."you go girl, you look great." She must have known how I was feeling, what a nice gal. Bj was the ever wonderful father, and spent the majority of the time throwing, catching, tackling, and playing with the kids in the pool. I spent my time floating with Liz, and enjoying the weightless feeling water provides. Mitchell found much joy in hiding in the tubes so we couldn't see him.
Besides swimming, we did some other fun stuff, like eating. We went out to dinner each night (we brought food for breakfast and lunch), and had a quest to find the perfect chocolate cake. Well from the 3 places we went (Joe's Crab Shack, Ikea, and Claimjumper), the super Claimjumper cake WON. Of course, Liz spent the night throwing up the Claimjumper cake....but what can I say, it was pretty rich.
We also were able to do a 2 for 1 deal, and go to the temple while we were in town (saving us another trip this month). It was Denise's birthday on Saturday, so we celebrated together on Friday by some fun temple time, Ikea shopping, and dinner. Our kids loved having the chance to spend some time with their cousins, and I always love spending time with Denise and Seth.

All in all, our vacation rocked. I loved it. I loved the freedom it afforded me. I loved it wasn't too far away. I loved spending time with my little family (minus the much missed Madeline). I loved that the kids got along the whole trip (seriously amazing). I loved that Bj and I stayed up all night talking. Oh, and we can't forget the chocolate cake. Another plus....I know you wanted to know this little tidbit, I didn't even gain weight. ROCK ON!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You are all wrong! We are going to far away, and very exotic....Phoenix!

Arizona Grand Resort: Water Park Tubes

I know, it sounds kinda lame. It's not 2 hours away, but at least it is away. We had discussed going to Sedona (turned out to be too much $$$$$), then...hmmm, maybe we should go to San Diego. San Diego is 6 hours away, and I am seriously pregnant (riding in the car, yuck), and we only have three days. Scratch that. Maybe a nice mountain retreat, we could escape the heat, enjoy some solitude??? After not finding anything close (within 3 hours), we knew we had to give up, and just give in to the sweet kiddos, and party all day at the Arizona Grand Resort.

I actually am pretty excited. I get to escape my home, go somewhere hotter, bake in the sun, read my book, go to the Temple, enjoy down time with my kids and hubby, and escape my responsibilities. Party ON!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Vacation?

We have decided to go on vacation. Can you believe it? I finally have finished the majority of the "book," and can now dedicate more time to having fun. That is important stuff. Bj can't take any days off (because of sweet Noah coming later this year), so we will be gone Thursday night through Sunday (yes, we love our every other Friday off). So, where do you think we finally decided to go?

Vote in the comments, the answer will come shortly:



Mountain Retreat

Photo area

San Diego

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Photoshop Tip

I have loved learning to do work in Photoshop by finding tutorials and hints and tricks online. However, there are sooooo many things I still have to learn. Even as I am working in PS, I know there must be an easier way to do something, but I just don't know the keystroke, etc.

Well, yesterday, in a tutorial, I found a tip/trick I have been waiting for. And, because I am so generous, I thought I would share it with you here. It's pretty simple, but saves "clicky time."

When you are resizing a picture by dragging on the corner squares, simply hold down the Shift key at the same time, and the ratios of width to height will stay true. Up until this time I have been clicking on the lock button, which takes at least 5 more seconds. I know, I know, I am saving you so much time.
Adobe Photoshop tutorial image.
Also, another shift extravaganza of fun. When rotating an object using the corner square, press the shift key again, and it will help you rotate on specific angles (45,90,60,etc). I know, you love trying to line up a picture so it is hopefully completely straight, but if you are ever in a hurry, now you can do it without question.

I hope you enjoyed this super small tip/trick about Photoshop, but if you are like me, you may love every small thing that may save time, clicking, sanity, etc. Happy Tuesday!