Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nancy Drew saves 10 cents

For now, my new name is Nancy Drew, okay maybe just today.  Our family loves to use our local library, and as such there is a constant ebb and flow of books, movies, cds, etc... at our house.  I received a notice saying that one of the books we checked out about a month and a half ago was never turned in.  For anyone who knows me well, you can guess that I searched the house up down, over and under, and all about (I am slightly OC about lost items, must find! must find!).  That book was not here.  I knew I had to go to the library.  After using my vast skills in research and sleuthing, I  discovered that our library only had 2 copies of this book, and low and behold, 2 copies were on the shelf.  Ah ha!  I straightened it all out with the fantastic librarians, and now I feel like I am free again.  No library debts hanging over me!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blissfully Boring

Yes, it is true.  My life is boring.  Not in the "I'm so bored" way, but  in the ..."there is nothing to write about on my blog" way.  School has started, and we are on our way to a very structured life. There is the same thing to do each day, as well as each days  "activity."  There's school, homework, piano practicing, piano lessons, ballet lessons, play dates, birthday parties, etc.....  I am grateful that my life is this "boring"  I like that we have no tragedies at present, and that things are moving along.  However, I have nothing interesting to say to amaze the multitudes (??) who read my blog.

This weekend my sweet husband finished the patio cover he has been working on since mid-December.  I have to tease him a little, he thought it would take him a little over a month to finish it.  Ha ha ha.  I am grateful it is done, and I can feel good about using his time on the weekends again.   After working on the patio cover, I realized my role in life.  I am support staff.  I don't actually do anything important, but I pick up paint, rent equipment, do some cheerleading,  go for more paint, etc... I am also support staff for my kids.  I am just here to provide them with the tools to make their lives easier.  So, what are my actual accomplishments? I don't know if I have anything concrete to show for my life now.   My real accomplishments are seeing my family achieve their goals, dreams, and honey-do lists.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

School Rocks!

This is the first year we have ever had Dad home to see the kids off.  We were able to drop them off at their classrooms this year, and they were both excited beyond belief to be back at school.
This is at their Elementary school.  They love their teachers, Mitchell has Madeline's teacher from the last 2 years, and Madeline is very excited to learn new things with a new teacher.

After the whirlwind of Madeline's baptism, we had 1 whole week to get ready for school.  We spent it shopping for school clothes and school supplies.  We also tried to have as much fun as possible before the routine of school set it.  We went swimming, to the library, played lots of Wii, watched the Star Wars movies, and had play dates.  

Now,  they are back to school and it seems like we never had a summer.  I am back to my wake up at 5:30 a.m. schedule (it hurts) after taking the summer off.  I have to admit, I am accomplishing more, but it sure was nice to take a load off during the summer and enjoy the days with my little ones.  The kids are so lucky to have so many friends in their classes, and they love all they are able to do.  Madeline is already beset with homework, but Mitchell is still awaiting the day when he can show forth his homework abilities.  I was pretty nervous to have sweet Elizabeth home all day, I was terribly afraid she would be bored.  At first (before they even left for school Monday morning), Elizabeth was sad they were leaving.  But, as soon as they left, she was ready to play.  She even told me to take a nap, and played happily with her trains while I took a rest.  I am so blessed to have her as my child, she loves to pretend, and I absolutely love that she entertains herself.   Of course, we are having fun while the big kids are in school: swimming, library days, play dates, shopping, etc....

In other news:  this is the week of repairs.  In two days we have spent over $600 to repair our air conditioner and Bj's car.  Sometimes I am less enthusiastic about spending so much money on stuff that isn't that fun, but alas, I guess that is the point of having $$$$, so we can spend it on the necessary things in life.  I am grateful we could repair these things, I think I might be dead without an air conditioner!  

Friday, August 1, 2008


Sometimes I wish (erroneously) that life was consequence free.  I wish I could go to the movies and order a huge tub of buttered popcorn without worrying about  how well my jeans may fit in the morning.  I wish I could totally gut my bathrooms, redo them, and still have the same amount of money in my checking account afterwards.  I wish I could stay up all night enjoying time with the love of my life, and not be tired in the morning.  I wish I could say whatever was on my mind without worrying if I have hurt half the worlds feelings.

Alas, if the world were consequence free, I guess I wouldn't receive all those "good" consequences.  You know, like those huge hugs at the end of the day from kids I have loved until I might lose it.  Sore muscles from working my body so it can be stronger.  Improvement on my quilting skills.   And, with more intense thinking (it has to be intense you know)....I guess there needs to be negative consequences. Without those negative consequences I am sure the world would be a much less pleasant place to be. 

 It is so frustrating after wishing for something to be different, to realize Heavenly Father had it right in the first place.  So, I guess I am grateful I have to work hard to fit in my jeans, and I am grateful to hold off on all our home improvement plans,  and I am grateful my husband lets me go to sleep when I am exhausted (even though I would like to pretend I am a kid again).  And, a little self censorship is always a good thing.   But, maybe secretly, I might wish for a couple consequence free moments.