Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don't know how I got away with never having to do a science fair project myself, but this was my very first experience with the science fair fun.  

I am so proud of miss Maddie who amazingly took 2nd place for the 5th grade!  Go girl!

Yes, we worked on it together.  I tried to have her work with her dad for the final push (because I had some sewing to do), but she would have none of it.  So, we spent 3 hours the Saturday before, working hard together, trying to make everything the way she wanted it.  I typed, while she read to me what she wanted the things to say.  

After winning, Bj wondered if we did too much for her.  Honestly, I think not.   After seeing what all the kids did, it was easy to see which kids worked hard, and which ones didn't. I think she just did her assignment.  Yeah, I typed up her results, but many parents did that.  She is one amazing young woman, and I am glad to be her mother.

It was so fun to go to the science fair where so many members of our ward were there.  Their kids did well too, 1st place, honorable mention, and 2nd were awarded to members of our ward.  Go WARD!

Friday, February 18, 2011


That's all I can say when I see this picture of my boy....ahhhh!  He is one super cutie pie.  And you know what?  He knows it.  He hams it up for anyone and everyone so they will smile at him and give him the attention he has come to know and love so much.

Noah is getting so big.  It is breaking my heart, but I am excited about his new growth and excitement for life.   This is what Noah is up to now:

  • emptying any cupboard, shelf, or drawer he can get his hands on
  • running outside at any possible moment
  • learning wipe his nose
  • helps me get dressed (loves to pull up my pants)
  • still lovin' the bottle
  • loves dogs and makes dog noises
  • getting new teeth
  • digs through the trash
  • will play with a dirty diaper if he can get his hands on them
  • climbs up the playhouse and goes down the slide
  • loves to swing
  • enjoys reading time at the library
  • thinks his elephant book is a riot
  • throws phones into garbages full of water, requiring his mother to purchase a new phone
He is an absolute joy.  Seriously.  I love him to pieces, even if my house is a total disaster whenever he is awake (luckily, he is asleep right now, and the house is spic and span).

In other news....
Madeline took 2nd in the science fair.  I am so proud of her, she worked hard, and she was recognized for it.    Go Madeline....(pictures to come later)!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's that season. 

We were sick with the stomach flu last week.

This week, the sickness is a little more like a cold.

My dream is to be moderately productive.

Keep Dreaming!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blowing Results.....




 Yours Truly


I must say, {even though I probably should keep my thoughts to myself}, that Heavenly Father must really like Mitchell.  Why?  12 hours after we got these back from the glass shop, he was dinking (yes, it's a real word) around before school one day, bumping the ornaments together to make fun sounds.  If that isn't bad enough (can't you see the issue?....new glass banging against each other is a sure recipe for disaster if you ask me), while he was banging his ornament against mine, he lost them both and they dropped on the tile floor.

At this time, I had heard the ornaments banging together, and I ran downstairs to see him picking up the ornaments off the tile.  They were whole.  I could hardly believe it.  Mitchell is one lucky soul, because he only got a good scolding.  Mitchell is counting his blessings!