Saturday, May 30, 2009


This is my favorite part of being a mom.   I love the kids to run to me when they need a hug.  I love when the reach for me when they need a little comfort.  I love when little babies snuggle in, and stop crying, because I am their mother.  That is the best part of motherhood.  Feeling needed, feeling loved, and feeling somewhat effective.  At times, I have wondered what in the world I am doing, starting from scratch again.  But, then I think of this.  More snuggles, more loves, more lullaby's, more tender moments, and another special spirit I know how to comfort better than anyone else.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you ever?

Do you ever wonder how in the world you became so blessed?  I wonder this every time I am with my sweet husband.  Seriously, he is the best.  If you have a less wonderful love of your life, maybe you should stop reading so you can refrain from puking.  But, man this guy is the best.  Why????  Well, he spent last week away on business.  When he came home, he devoted himself to taking care of me and the kids.  On Thursday he took the kids all day, ALL DAY, and gave me free license to spend the day slaving away in my sewing room.  I got SO much done that day, knowing the kids were so well taken care of.     Okay, that's not all, he is still doing the majority of the grocery shopping,  or any kind of shopping for that matter.  When I am working on the laundry, he scoots me out of the way, and tells me to go lay down or something (but I really go to the sewing room).  He spent about 2 hours with me on Saturday night editing a pattern for my that is dedication and love.  He even turns off sports when I roll my eyes.  He cooks, I know, you are asking yourself what in the world I do (I promise, I cook, and do laundry often....but he sure helps when he can).  

On Sunday, I thought it would be a great idea to have some friends over (since we haven't done that for months)....well, of course, I chose the dessert that only Bj makes (berry pie).  Bj is just fabulous, I am so blessed to have him as my love.  He is so tender and loving.  If we ever fight, he is always the first to say he is sorry.  Seriously, I don't deserve him!  I love him to pieces, and I am so grateful he is my partner FOREVER!  That rocks.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Loving the Rain

 I went for a walk this morning, it was 9 a.m.....super late for me usually.  Especially in May in the desert.  But there was a fantastic breeze, and it has been raining here lately.  I seriously loved it.  I closed my eyes as I walked and took  deep breaths of the moist desert air.  Very rarely can I say "moist" desert air...but today I could.  I love that smell.  There is a very distinct desert rain smell, and I remember it well from the summers I spent on my aunt and uncles ranch in southern Utah/Colorado.  Those are fond memories for me....being so free, playing with frogs, and being eaten to death by mosquitos (okay I didn't love the mosquitos).  But, nonetheless, every time I smell that smell I think of my aunt Heidi and uncle Robert.    I remember how much they pampered my sister and I, and I remember swimming in their pool in my under-roos.    I am always amazed at how the sense of smell can bring you back to something that happened so long ago (yes, I was 5 that summer).  But, I can still feel it all, the chili breakfasts, the hugs my aunt would give me, the radish plates, the constant itchy back, the posters of snakes in my cousins bedroom, and baby kittens.  Now, life has changed, family has changed, but I still have the desert smell and it brings it all back to me like I am still a little rug rat running around a ranch.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Checkin' in

No pictures today...way too much to do, but I thought I would say a little howdy for the weekend.  I am working hard to get everything done for my book.  I now have 7.75 quilts quilted, only 2 more to go, I have written 2 patterns (10 more to go), parts of the general instructions, and the all information (lame).  My kids are seriously neglected, well...maybe sorta neglected.  I feed them, I hug them, I take them to the library, to dance lessons, read them stories, but they don't get my undivided attention anymore.  I think the Lizard is feeling it most of all.  After cleaning the whole house last night, and vacuuming it this morning, I felt okay to sit down and start cranking out the book.  Well, after working for sometime I went downstairs to prepare her some lunch....I came downstairs to a (just cleaned, arghhh) room full of little plastic beads.  They were covering the couch, the carpet, the quilts, the tiles, EVERYTHING.  Apparently, she did a little surgery on her teddy bear.  Luckily, I do have a vacuum, so in only 15 minutes it was cleaned up.  I do have to say though, her plans to invite a friend over today were nixed.  

In other fun and exciting news (since we're talking about being lucky), Bj went out of town today for work.  He left at 4 something a.m., called me at 5:15 saying he needed his wallet (left conveniently in my vehicle), and could I wake all the little munchkins, drive 30 minutes to the airport to drop it off.  Well, of course!!!!!  As we are driving, we are hitting all the green lights.  And while #1 is cursing the fact she is awake, #2 is saying how lucky we are because we are hitting  all the green lights, and #3 is saying how lucky we all are because it is so beautiful outside.  I loved that they had such a happy attitude, I was so worried about being left for 6 days, with so much work to do, no help, dance recitals, and pregnant with little patience.  But, here they showed me that even in less than desirable situations, we were still so "lucky."  Gotta love those kiddies.  Oh, and by the way, Bj still missed his flight.  Instead of arriving at his destination at 2 p.m., he is a lucky guy to still arrive today at 8 p.m.   

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Blog

So, I started a new blog.  It is dedicated to my quilting endeavors.  I know, all you men out there are highly excited (hey Bj).  I have a little announcement to share, so head on over to my new blog, and see what all the fuss is about.

Noah Benjamin Bisel

Introducing....our little Noah Benjamin Bisel.  We found out a couple weeks ago, that we are definitely having a little boy.  We are now all even, and feeling particularly blessed.  I have meant to post this for quite some time, but there have been a number of exciting events happen lately, and I have been slightly preoccupied.   It has been fun to feel this little guy growing in me. I love that each night as I hop into bed, this little one has a field day moving around.  I adore knowing that he is alive and well in there, and it gives me wonderful reassurance as I close my eyes and rest from the day.  On the less exciting side....I  have already started contracting.  For those who haven't known me during a pregnancy, you must know, this is not strange.  Of course, it is a little early, but this is my MO.  I just hope this little guy follows previous little ones and stays in until he is fully cooked.