Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guess Who?

Guess who has some teeth popping through?  

Sunday, August 22, 2010


The truth is, life is busy.  We are all working hard to do the best we can, and make the most of what we are given.  So, I haven't been great at keeping up my blog.  Ooops.  I guess life will go on without my little moments of sharing.  I am surprised though, that my readers haven't known my thoughts.  I mean, I have been blogging in my head, have you heard them?

So, things have happened. Small things, like school started (2 weeks ago).  I can't believe I have kids that are so old. It's super fun to watch them grow up.  Of course, because this is my family, I had 2 kids home from school (sick) last week.  Ahh, the joys of new germs and asthma.  I'm loving it.  

We have also entered the land of orchestra.  Hot dog.  I can't believe we are here already.  This is the age I started taking violin.  Of course, I always took private lessons, and I didn't really enjoy playing in groups....ah well.  Madeline has been wanting to take violin FOREVER, but I made her stick with piano because I think it is easier.

Now today is Sunday.  I love Sunday's.  They are generally quieter, calmer, and time for reflection.  Time to prepare for the upcoming week, to recharge our batteries, to recommit ourselves to the goal of perfection.  Today as we enjoyed our Sunday, my daughter pulled out the video for Emmett (my nephew who died in October).

I was unprepared for the flood of emotions that filled my heart.  What a sweet baby he was, and I didn't even know him.  As I watched the pictures from his short life, all that filled my mind was Dani, his mom.  A mothers love is so strong, so binding, so eternal...I can only imagine the feelings she must have.  Our babies are cousins, and oh my...can I see the resemblance.  Not only do they have similar looks, but Noah is wearing all of Emmett's clothes.  

My heart feels tugs of pain.

I have a resolve to cherish each moment. 
 To take even more pictures.
  To take more videos.

I have a resolve to lift up the weary.
To listen to the whisperings of the still small voice.
To be less selfish, and SEE.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Burger Wars

While in UT, we decided to formally conduct the 1st Annual Burger Wars.

What started this?  My kiddos professed their love of In-n-Out (rightfully so).  At this, my parents said...No way, there are better burgers.  And the list started.... 5 Guys, Tony's Burgers, Salt City Burger, Apollo/Crown Burger, and Big H.  So, we went on the quest to find the very best burger.  Hot DOG, this was hard.

How was it judged?  On the flavor of the meat, the bun, the condiments, and the fries.    Honestly, the judging is questionable.  Some of us are pretty discerning, and others of us like to give a Fabulous rating to anything.  Hmmmm....suspect.

But here are the results:

1. Five Guys  (Best Burger and BEST fries)
2. Tony Burgers  (Best tasting meat)
3.  Big H  (Great options, and super tasty)
4.  Salt City (seriously tons of variety...buns fall apart, juicy burgers)
5. In and Out  (Best Buns and crispest lettuce)
6. Apollo Burger  (Weirdest service)

Now, when you are in the great land of SLC, and you are looking for a burger, you know what the best is. By far, Five Guys had the best fries of all of them.  I love big chunky crispy fries.  Little crispy fries are LAME. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Want to?

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Want to come make a quilt at my house?  Want to come hang out and watch people make quilts?  If so, check out my for more information.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Home is where your heart is.  If that is true, I am always home when I am with my little family. As long as I am with Bj and my little ones, I am home.

But really, I have returned home.  Home to the hotness.  I am roasting.

And yet, I miss my hometown.  I miss the smell, the sights, the family, and the familiarity of it all.  Each time I am home, I secretly wish we could move there.  And yet, I am as happy as I have ever been, living right here!

I am home.