Saturday, December 27, 2008

6th day of Holiday-call for creativity

6th Day of Holiday

I can hardly believe we are one week down, and 1 to go with Bj's days off of work. I love having him home, and I am very grateful for these perks of his employment.

Okay, on with today's ramblings.

Today is a creativity call to everyone out there. Each year we all give neighbor/friend gifts, and each year we have to come up with new ideas. So, here is my hope....I will offer you my ideas, and I ask that you comment with your ideas too. If you have a picture, just email it to me, and I'll post it for you, or put it on your own blog, and leave us a comment with a link. I have a great hope that this will give us all ideas for neighbor gifts for years to come.

Neighbor Gifts

This is this year's offerings.  I made cookbooks for everyone.  I got this great idea from my fabulous friend Katie Hughes.  I must say, if you are going to take this one on, give yourself a little more time than I did.  As I read through these and see all the imperfections, and hear about recipes left out (from my family), I think it would have been nice to have the time to spend editing and proofing it.  Alas, it is done, and I have a great collection of recipes from my family members (even if there are some quirky moments).

Last year I made banana bread, and gave this recipe card to go along.  I love this banana bread.

The year before I made these hot pads.  Seriously, this was fun to do, and it took a long time!   This is a great way to start quilting, if you are new to it.  

Other ideas:
gourmet hot chocolate (I did this a couple times, I loved it. Fast, easy, non messy, great)
plates of cookies (I did this one year and realized I really need to wear shoes on a tile floor         when baking all day).
CD compilation
wrapping supplies: this year I found some fun square stickers, and made some to/from stickers for some of my friends.  Here are just a few examples:

So, what are your ideas?  what did you give?  What did you get?


Min said...

Oh, I love this idea. I don't think I have any pictures, but here are some things I've done:
- Mexican Hot Cocoa Mix or Chai Tea Mix in jars
- Crocheted kitchen towels (to hang near the sink, you know?)
- Crocheted scarves
- plate of cookies/candies (or tin or basket, etc)
- Gifts in Jars (cookie mix, soup, etc.--I have a whole cookbook!)
- Jams & Canned fruits

That's all I can think of...I'll be back if more ideas come to mind!

JRose said...

Can I be your neighbor? *wink*

We usually give homemade jam
My sis-in-law does yummy homemade salsa and puts cute feliz navidad labels and wrapping.

Heather said...

really cute cookbook idea to give to neighbors.

We gave a bunch of little clementine oranges with a little note about having sweet holiday moments or something like that.

Sharing recipes is a great idea that I ought to do next year.

Z Family said...

So excited... going to try your bread recipe tonight or tomorrow.... look yummy! Thanks for sharing.