Sunday, April 19, 2009

I remember.

I remember a time when I was slightly more organized. I had our menu planned a month in advance. I shopped twice a month, with well planned out lists. I knew exactly how much chicken, celery, apples, and cream I needed for a two week period of time. It was beautiful.

I remember a time when I had all my scrapbook pages planned out and ready to go. I would work on them Sunday nights as a way to do family history. I had the layouts already planned, I knew which paper to use (this is all digital, of course), I knew which pictures I was using, and where they were located. It was a great plan, I got stuff done, I was productive.

I remember a time when I worked on my quilting daily. I accomplished tons! I would work while Liz was at school, or dance, and at nights while the kiddos were sleep. Ahh, the beautiful colors would dance in my head as I laid down to rest each night, and I would dream of new fabrics I would someday get to design for Moda.

This is NOT that time.

Alas, I am now just coming out of the early pregnancy funk. I walked into my sewing room this week with a breath of fresh air. I remembered how beautiful it was, why I loved it so much, and I vowed I would actually get those 8 quilts tops quilted. Of course, I didn't really start on those, but I did make a baby gift (a diaper clutch ...which I'll have to do a tutorial for on is so fun, and I have an easier way to make it than published on other sites),and a new pillow for Elizabeth's room (I'll show you someday, I promise). I have felt so guilty for being so sick and exhausted this time around, Bj has had to really pick up my slack, and the organization of the house has really gone downhill. However, I can keep dreaming, of the time when I had energy, when I was organized, and on top of things, (okay, I might be kidding myself now...more on top of things might be a better description). Honestly though, if this baby is like any other baby I have ever had, life may be pretty chaotic for sometime....I'll just have to adapt.

I'm waxing very very long. But, I have to share about sweet Bj. I am so amazed by his childlike heart. Last night as he was reading in his scriptures, he read about butter and honey...which, of course, led to him thinking about how to make butter....which led to me looking it up on the internet. I thought that was the end of it, until after dinner tonight, he proceeded to make butter. He was so excited about it, and in Bj fashion, he made it a competition and made his butter in 1/4 of the time it said it would take. Bj is slightly (I mean VERY) competitive, and I love that he can compete with directions. He seriously makes me laugh everyday. The butter was very good, and now Bj has a new found love of buttermilk.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Due to issues experienced by the many sad PC users out there, I have made a new file, with all jpegs, and I sincerely hope this helps with your issues.  I hope you all remember the super, fantastic, and great cause that inspired me to make this kit.  Please take a couple minutes and donate even $ would make a huge difference!  Thanks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just Breathe Digital Kit

I have been inspired, by this very lovely little girl, to make a digital scrapbooking kit.  

Last year Lauren (a dear friends daughter) was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (you can learn more about CF here), and without a cure it is not likely she will live beyond the age of 40.   My wonderful friends from high school and college are working to raise money for Great Strides, which funds research to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. I would love for you to download this kit and then click here to donate to the cause.  Please donate as much or as little as you choose .  I am really hoping to get tons of people to donate, and if that happens, it will add up quickly.   So spread the news, put a link on your blog, let others know there is a new digital kit they can get, and they can help out a sweet little girl at the same time.

Here is Lauren in her vest.  Using the vest helps keep the mucus to a minimum, thus keeping infection out.