Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's that time of Year

Summer is here. We have had summer upon us for quite some time now, and our days are becoming lazier. The kiddos are loving the sprinklers, but as the days get warmer, the use of sprinklers slows since they don't want to burn their feet outdoors. I am a fully horrible mother and allow my children to watch too many movies and tv shows. We love our swim lessons where they learn all about butterfly stroke, and I become drenched in my own sweat. Our nights are filled with catching lizards, chasing birds, and watching out for snakes. We still try to take our nightly walks, but at 100+ degrees, those walks are getting shorter and shorter. All in all, life is pretty great. I am constantly amazed and grateful that I live in this amazing time. I have air conditioning, seriously....that is fabulous.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Serious Wimp!

I have vowed, for about a year now, that I would kill a rattlesnake, no questions asked. I have heard from animal lovers that it is cruel punishment to kill rattlesnakes. After witnessing what I did in the hospital with my little Liz, and how hard her recovery was, I still feel like every rattlesnake could die a slow painful death, and I would be just fine with it.

Today, as I was hanging wet laundry on the line, I viewed (not 3 feet away) a pretty small rattlesnake. It didn't move, it was just laying on the grass, enjoying the warm day. At first, I didn't really believe my eyes. Then, my senses came to me, and I ran inside the house, quickly called 911 for the Firemen to come to our house and pick up the little punk. After getting off the phone with them, I lamented! I should go outside and chop this guys head off. But alas, good sense overcame me. I mean really, would it be healthy for a pregnant lady to be accidentally bit by a rattlesnake? I guess not, but I felt ashamed I didn't go take care of him like a good mother should!

Liz told me to run and get the shovel so we could kill him. Oh Liz....what a sweetheart! She saw the snake through the window, and then ran over to the couch and hugged the cushions and whimpered. Sweet Liz! After 5 minutes, and the firemen still not there, she asked when they would come....when? when? when? Then the doorbell rang, two handsome (and I am not kidding about that), young firemen came to our rescue, and picked up the offending snake, and carried him off to the depths of a faraway (at least 2 miles) desert. Now, I get to sit and ponder about this blasted snake. Are there snakes hiding in my backyard? Can my kids play safely back there? Should I keep a shovel within reach, so I can finally get my revenge?

Luckily, Bj is on his way home, and I am sure he will quickly apply "snake away" to ward away any other snakes who think it wise to cross our path!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here's my little Noah, safe and warm (really warm). I have to say, I have felt so blessed being pregnant this time around. I am still pretty uncomfortable, but I keep reminding myself of the miracle that is causing the discomfort. I have definitely been bitten my the "emotion" bug, and I cry at the drop of a "sad story" hat. This is not common for me! I am so anxious to meet him, and know him, and hold him, and love him, and know that he is healthy and strong. Luckily though, I still have some time. I need to prepare for him, get clothes, diapers, car seats, etc... All of it...oh, and I need to make him a couple quilts (I'll get to it, just right after I finish writing this book...I promise).
Summer, my great friend from across the street, took some pics of me, and had some fun doctoring them up a bit. I had to show off her work. She is great!

Summer and I spent a good part of Saturday taking photos for the "about the author" part of my book. Honestly, I have been less excited about having a picture published of me when I am 6 1/2 months pregnant. Oh well, I had to get over that, and just take the picture. We had a great time spending time together, getting people to look at us, and having sweat pour down my face (gotta love Tucson in the summer and having a extra body adding a little heat of his own). I truly feel blessed to have such a great friend, who would sacrifice her Saturday! Now, I need to choose a photo for the back cover of the book. So, maybe you all can help in the process, I was hoping you could add your opinion (even if I don't know you). Which picture should I use on the back cover? Okay, number 4 might be a joke. So, give your opinion, and I might even listen (or use one of the other 90+ pictures she took).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little extra spending cash

Tuesday, the kids were getting restless, it was 10 a.m. Yes, already bored by 10 a.m. The joys of watching videos and playing the Wii have already worn off, and they are itching to do something with themselves. They asked, very kindly, if they could do a lemonade stand. My first thought was, NO NO NO, I have so much work to do, and I can't spend all my time outside in my front yard to ensure you don't get kidnapped. However, I remember being a kid too....and I said YES, hoping that my small sacrifice would mean I would get some work done that night. They made the lemonade, got the sign ready (yes, on the back of a Strawberry shortcake coloring book cover), and went to work. Seriously, I am so surprised. They made $11 in 2 hours. That is more than I ever made as a kid working at a lemonade stand. We had some construction workers come to work next door, and their owner seriously spoiled our kids. SPOILED, I tell you. He bought 10 cups of lemonade, then went to the neighbor kids who set up a stand (after seeing the success my sweet little ones were having), and bought their otter pops, promptly brought them right back to my kids and gave them each a "pop."

I don't know if it just the pregnancy hormones tugging at my heart strings, but I was touched. So many people in my neighborhood supported my sweet kids. We had cars stop by, and they generously tipped the kids. Strangers, and friends alike took time out of their day to help others. Sometimes, I think we as a society focus on all the crummy stuff people do, but on Tuesday, I saw kindness. So many generous people, giving not only their money, but their time, to pause from their busy day and encourage children to dream big.

I was also pretty proud of my kids. They were so excited about the day, they started dreaming big! So, in days ahead, they are planning to sell lemonade, ice cream, cookies, candy bars, etc. Oh, and what did they do with their earnings? After a super small lecture from me (about possibilities of spending a little now, saving for later), the decided to pay their tithing, buy a pizza for dinner that night, and save the rest to buy school clothes. School clothes? Seriously, that is great, they came up with that on their own, and I can't say I am too upset about it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Belly Picture

The requests keep rolling in, to see some belly pictures.  Okay, really....this is just for Megatron.  Yes, I am showing.  How exciting.  The men in the ward think they are fantastically humorous and they tell me I have eaten WAY too many donuts, or they simply call me Fatty.  Lovin' it!  Ahhh, the joys of increasing my girth.   Bj even likes to get his jabs in when he can....he told me the lens wasn't wide enough to fit my belly in the picture.  GREAT!  

In other great pregnancy news, this sweet baby has gotten big enough to attack my abdomen, and I am now the proud owner of bruised ribs and ever shrinking lung capacity.  3 more months of this, I guess I can handle that.  At least I can still sleep on my belly!  I know, I know, that will change all too soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Lately, we have been spoiling our children.  Seriously.  

For Memorial Day we BBQ'd up some nice filet mignon for the family.  This is the cut of meat I love the most, and let's be honest, I was totally spoiled as a kid, so that is what I should have now, right?  Months ago I got a bunch of tenderloin for an awesome price ($4.70 lb), and it has been sitting and waiting in the freezer.    Well, miss Lizzy devoured the meat.  She absolutely loved it, and had helping after helping of the yummy stuff.

In the process of making the filet mignon, I also defrosted the tenderloin roast (same thing, just not cut into steaks).  So 3 days later, I whipped up our family's special tenderloin recipe.  SUPER YUM!  As soon as I pulled out the raw tenderloin, Liz made a slurping noise, and said "mmmmm, I love meat, it is yummy when it is cooked."  What have I done?  Spoiled her, that is what.  I don't know if a five year old should know the joys of tender fabulous food yet, but she does, and I have spoiled her forever.

So, here is the FABU recipe that inspired slurping enjoyment and sighing ahhh's at the sight of raw meat. 

Beef Tenderloin

1 whole beef tenderloin roast (allow 1/3 lb. per person)
Fresh mushrooms- sliced 1/8 to 1/4" thick
(3-4 whole mushrooms per person)
1 to 2 cubes butter(depends on size of roast)
Onion salt

Rub roast with onion salt and pepper. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. (Can be refrigerated overnight)

Melt butter in an electric fry pan at 300 degrees. Brown roast on all sides, then reduce temperature to 250-275 degrees. Baste often with butter in frying pan. Allow 1 1/2 - 2 hours to cook. Remove roast to cutting board to rest while you sauté mushrooms. Add mushrooms to the butter/meat drippings and sauté 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown. Slice meat into 1/4 inch slices, place on warm serving platter. Pour mushrooms and sauce over sliced meat and serve immediately.