Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trevor Daley

My friend Trevor (he's my friend now that I took this class from him), is giving another class for photography this Saturday.  If you are interested in photography, you should TOTALLY do it.  The price is pretty great, and when I took the class I came away from it with so much knowledge.  My pictures were better, and I finally understood my awesome camera.  DO IT!

Here's the link:


Tell him Sarah Bisel sent ya!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Summer is almost here.  In 2 days school is out, and it is party all the time at our house.  I don't know if I am quite ready for all the fun we are going to have, but I will try.

The past month has been interesting.  I have been sick, and I was well, and then I was sick again.  Luckily, I am blessed with the worlds best hubby, and he picked up the slack for me.  I have almost been productive, but not quite productive.  However, I have finished reading 2 books,....yeah for me.

In a week I will be in the promised land, working with the women of my family on all things fabric, and I have hopes to finish something.  Or, at the very least, move forward on something.  Truthfully, I should have much more ready to go at this point, but c'est la vie.

Here's my little dude, he is throwing a fit, which is his newest form of communication.  I am sure I should be frustrated by these antics, but it really just makes me laugh.  What a good mother I am.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Showing Love...

Missy, my reader, this is for you.  You asked what I was doing to help the parents.... Here it goes.

I got this idea from my friend Summer.  I gathered money from all our ward members (our church), and we got them TONS of gift cards (the little grey thing in front has little pockets full of the gift cards).  The gift cards were for restaurants, movies, amazon, etc....  As you can see we also got flowers, a Scentsy was donated, candy, and I photoshoped a photo of their baby and a picture of the temple the parents were married in.  

My biggest goal from this was to show how loved they are.  It wasn't the "stuff" that was important, but it was a show of love that was relevant.

We also filled their freezer with meals to heat up when they are ready, and we cleaned their home before they returned.  Honestly, I just did whatever I could think of.   It may have been overkill, or maybe I could have done more.  

I wish I could have done more.