Monday, February 1, 2010

14 days to Valentines

Picture from Becky Higgins' Blog

Traditionally, I am not a very romantic person.  I am a little too practical for that.  But, I thought it might be fun to do a 14 days of Valentines about my one true love.  So, I am hoping to post something wonderful about my love each day leading up to Valentines Day.  Wish me luck.

Day 1

I love that I can trust Bj with my deepest, darkest, silliest, and embarrassing secrets.  I know he will never throw me under the bus.  I know he will never make fun of me in public.  I know he won't make fun of me at home when we are alone.  What will he do?  Ease my worries, tell me I am perfectly normal, and then try to kiss and hug away my worries.  This is a very good quality indeed!  

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The Driggs said...

I love 14 Days of Valentine's. My mom used to do that for my dad, and we all do it now too! But I love that you have decided to do yours as blog posts about your hubby. BJ just completely respect you and that is something I have recognized about your relationship.