Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2

The next thing I love about Bj is that he is helpful.  Of course, he goes to work all day, and has many things pulling for his attention, but he is still so helpful to me.  Just last night, as I was doing dishes and laundry, and he was holding Noah, he took the time to clean the ceiling fans. I love that he is tall, and uses his tallness to help this shorty pants. 

 He does so much to help, and when he can see I am starting to get overwhelmed with my ever growing list, he always asks how he can help.  Thanks honey, for all you do. Thanks for making all the sandwiches, cleaning the bathrooms on your off Friday (or on Thursday's), thanks for doing laundry when I have  missed the appointed day, thanks for always taking out the garbage, thanks for mowing the lawn and watering all the plants, and thanks for all the little things you do, I notice!

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The Driggs said...

What a guy! And I love the comment about his tallness and you naming yourself shorty pants.