Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Solution

image from it the the bane of my existence or a cherished hobby?  The answer is yet to be determined. I love working on scrapbooks, and I love watching my kids devour their scrapbooks.  And yet, I don't get as much done as I would like.  I really thought the digital revolution would change me, and make me get stuff done quicker.  I guess it has, when I actually find time to do it.

The solution???  Project Life from Becky Higgins.   Honestly, I just started this new idea/method and I hope it works for me.  The idea is to take a picture a day, and put it in a scrapbook. (There is digital and a hard copy method)  The picture a day thing is sometimes hard for me, but I have done pretty well so far.  Yes, I have missed days!  So what?  I used pictures of things around the house to tell our story for those days...  Like what?  The morning paper to illustrate my love of reading the news, the dirty sink in my kids bathroom, my rainy windshield, etc..

So, what about all those past years I have still waiting for me? Becky also has a scrapbook that has a page per month.  The story still gets told, in a shorter way, but at least it is there. 

More questions, check out her website  You won't be sorry.


The Driggs said...

That looks like fun. I have not done any sort of scrapping since Brock's one year birthday! Blogging has become my journaling, so I might look into doing those blog book thingies.

csperriton said...

My cousin did one of these last turned out soooo cute. She did say that it was hard to keep up with. She just focused on at least taking one picture a day and then would fill it out in spurts when she found time.

Michelle said...

hey Sarah :) I picked up a Project Life myself this year. Missed out on the Project 365 last year. I'm not going to use mine to replace my regular scrapbooking. But rather it'll be a nice snapshot of our lives, the every day. Some weeks I'll take a pic every day. Other weeks I may just focus on a few days (like the long weekend we took to Disney). I love the idea of this kit!