Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5

You thought I forgot.  Okay, almost!  I have family in town....busy.

Bj is such a great dad.  I love that!  He has so much fun with the kids, he wrestles, reads stories, changes diapers, and goofs off with them.

I love watching him with our baby.  Here is this tough man, and he is so gentle and loving with our baby!  His tenderness always warms my heart.

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The Driggs said...

He really is a sweet father. And I love to watch him take time to be with Noah too. When he came by to borrow Cory's golf clubs, he was carrying Noah. I thought to myself how much easier it would have been for him to carry the clubs without carrying Noah, but then I re-thought my thoughts and thought how sweet it was that he was even taking that little time to be with him. That's weird that I just said that I "re-thought my thoughts and thought".