Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 8


The first few years we were married, Bj worked hard to bring flowers to me, at least once a month.

I have always loved that he is so thoughtful.

I love that he had that goal, from the very beginning, to be the best husband he could be.

Honestly, the flowers aren't coming once a month anymore, but they have been replaced by:
diapers, dove chocolate, formula, cheese, hamburger buns...
whatever we need that I am too lazy to pack all the kids up and go get.

I love these little acts of kindness.  

He goes out of his way to show me he loves me.


1 comment:

The Driggs said...

I love how it has evolved from the flowers to the diapers. Cory is good at letting me have breaks. He knows that a good escape for a few hours will rejuvenate me more than a beautiful bouquet! However, it is fun to receive the flowers too!