Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Heavenly Father really knows what He is doing, these babies are impossible to resist.

Each time I look at my sweet baby, my heart fills to the brim with love.  There is so much to do in this fine home of mine, but all I really want to do is hug, cuddle, tickle, and make him laugh.

The questions I have asked myself in the past few years, of the purpose of certain trials, seem to be answered.  This is my answer.  I now know how precious life is.  I understand better to appreciate the moments of life.  I now understand that creating life and keeping it, isn't as easy as I once thought.  

Frustration comes much slower these days, and joy stays longer.

Life is beautiful.  
Love is precious.
Babies Rock!


Melissa said...

babies do rock. i am so baby hungry is ridiculous.

Adam and Sariah said...

I totally agree as well. Wish I could go to the store and pick one up. I think I would take two. I borrow one everytime I can and steel some cuddles and giggles. My kids are actually the same way. Adam said Noah is super cute. Glad you are enjoying him.

Berrybritt said...

He is very irrisistable. sooo yummy.

D.C. Butler's said...

Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes during pregnancy I tend to look at the negative, this was a good reminder of the joy to come!

The Driggs said...

He is so sweet, and I love how you have written about him and the whole concept of why we have babies. You are a wise woman and all of your kids are so lucky to have you as their mother. It was so sweet of Lizzy to walk over to our house today to give Annika that painting she had done. She is always doing little acts of service (we loved when she brought Annika the clementine with a ribbon wrapped around it)!

kiki said...

Love the blanket!

Min said...

So cute! And, who makes that fabric? I love it! And...will you come hang out at the pool with us this weekend?? (if it's warm enough)

Bisel Family said...

It's Moda, a line called Arcadia.

Of course I will come hang out by the pool this weekend. I may be staying away from my swimsuit, but my kids will be splashing away.