Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday Party #10

Birthday time at the Bisel house.  Maddie decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday early this year, and being the fabulous fun mom I am, I consented {plus, then I could get the planning and doing over with}.

This year, we had Maddie plan her birthday party. A pajama party, pillow fight, pizza, and movie is what she wanted.  Score!  Pretty easy stuff.  Lately, I have been enjoying the "not at home" birthday parties, they are easier, and end up less expensive in the end.  I digress.  We had a fabulous birthday party, the girls loved being wild, and staying up until 8 is so awesome!

As soon as the girls showed up at the house, they made these fun scrabble necklaces.  It was fun watching the girls pick out their designs...their designs matched their personalities!



Watching the beloved Princess Bride.  We brought Madeline's mattress downstairs to jump on!

The treat bags.  Those are really pillowcases filled with yummy chocolates.   Look at milkandhoneydesigns very soon for a tutorial.

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The Driggs said...

Caitlynn had such a blast. And we love the Scrabble necklace (Cory thought it was super cool). When Caitlynn came home with her pillow case, she said, "Mom, can we paint my room turquoise to match this pillow case?" Thanks for yet another wonderful party. Happy Birthday Maddie!