Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quilt Raffle Update....are you the winner?

Anyone who donated to Great Strides, PLEASE READ.

The donations from my web page, went to the general fund at great strides.  I thought that no one had donated.  Then my mom said she donated, I kept checking the site, and it stated nothing.  I did track down her donation, but now I am concerned about all of YOU.

I don't have a record of who donated, and how much.  Last year when I did a similar thing, it worked swimmingly.  DRAT!

So, I hope the people who donated will send me an email, with their name and donation amount.  I sincerely want this quilt raffle to be fair, so please let me know!  I will be checking the amounts and names with Great Strides to insure correct accounting.

Thanks so much for bearing with me, and technical difficulties.


just a few thoughts... said...
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just a few thoughts... said...

Sarah, that deleted comment was from me. For some reason, it was weird. Anyway, you are awesome (and amazing). Tell your mom thank you for me, that was so nice of her!!

just a few thoughts... said...

ok, me again, i don't know who "just a few thoughts" is. It's not me-this is katie by the way. But rather then giving you a lot of deleted comments, I guess I'll just be "just a few thoughts"