Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy, You?

Lazy Summer?

I keep thinking that life will slow down.  But it doesn't.  It gets busier, and crazier.  Yesterday I had a couple of goals to accomplish.  One of them was going to the Dr.  

Hmmm, forgot to do that.

Another was to grab a couple minutes to read.  That's what summer is about to me...a good book, and a little laziness.  I tried, I really did.  I kept saying, after I hurry and finish this.  After I clean up breakfast, get the laundry going, go get Liz's haircut, ....okay, after I go visiting teaching.  Now, after I feed the kids.  Okay, now after I do a favor for a friend.  Oh wait, more laundry.  

Ahhhhh, how many messes are there.  I will hurry and clean up this mess real quick, it's 4 but maybe I can grab 30 minutes.  Okay, I'll fold that load of laundry...ahhh, I should start dinner.  Okay, the dinner is ready, the table set, the mess is not too bad.  I'll sit down and read.

Ahhhh.....door opens, Bj's home, and that means it is dinner time.

Reading time did not come to me yesterday.  But I accomplished some, and sufficiently tired myself out. 

 Summer is kicking my can!

All this to say, my blog is .... lacking in material lately. So, instead of trying to catch up, I will throw you a picture of our days, and say whatever comes to my mind at the time.  I will have no guilt, no regrets, and the check will happily be checked off.

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Tracy said...

My days are a lot like that too! I've tried to keep a skimpy schedule this summer with the kids only planned activities on Tues mornings and then we can do whatever else comes up for fun. But I need to add swim lessons to that. Anyhow, I would like more reading time too - it will come in time :)