Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More updates

More good news. I had another ultrasound yesterday, Mr. Noah is now projected to weigh about 6 1/2 lbs. That seems big enough to me....what do you think? Anyway, his growth looked great, and the worries about him diminished even further. Hooray!

So, if I were a fantastic blogger/mother I might add a cute picture of his little nose, or his precious face. However, I am entirely too lazy to scan those prints. I am spending all my scarce energy on cleaning, quilting, staying sane (this might be a losing battle), mothering, and trying not to nap every time I sit down. I wish I had any desire to write wittily, tell great stories about my kids, or my vastly interesting life. Hmm, instead of that, enjoy an update.


Z Family said...

Holy Moly!! 6.5 pounds at 36 weeks. What a healthy guy!! Thats great!

Denise said...

Start storing up that energy, in fact go take a nap right now 'cause we're coming to town tomorrow and then you know it's all about partying!!!

The Driggs said...

Yeah Sarah. I am so glad that he is growing so much and doing so well. Yes, 6.5 pounds is big could go any day! Like, tomorrow perhaps? I don't know, but all those things you're doing seem like you are nesting. Feel free to come and jump on our trampoline if you want!