Monday, August 3, 2009


My kids have been so excited for school to start. Okay, Liz and Mitch have been excited. Mitch woke up at 5 a.m. this morning, and went on a bike ride with his dad (everyone needs to work out before school starts!) Liz came in my room at 6 a.m., and told me to get up. She promptly got dressed, went downstairs, packed her school lunch, and prepared herself for her first day of school. She happily let me curl her hair, and cleaned her room, and did let me take pictures of her. Madeline (although not happy to go to school) still had a happy heart and enjoyed watching her little sister get so excited for her first day of school.

We drove them to school, and took pictures of all the "firsts." Elizabeth gave us a hug and kiss, and happily sent us on our way. Mitchell took his "helping other people" job seriously, and went about telling the new kids where and how to check in and start the day. Madeline surprised me...she got to class and I could tell she was feeling the stress of the moment. Her eyes watered, and she asked me not to leave. This is her first year (she's going into 4th grade) where she hasn't had a best friend in her class room, and I think the unknown of the upcoming year was slightly overwhelming in that moment.

So, here I am at home. Just finished my workout without one interruption. The sheets are being washed, beds are getting made, more laundry is waiting, and still there is QUIET. I think I might be insane to be ending this solitude in about a month. Ahhh, but the joy of a new baby (right?). So, now I am off to finish Mr. Noah's quilt.

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