Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Ready

Yesterday I had an ultrasound of little Noah to check his growth. Little Mitch, the stitch, had a shoulder dystocia when he was born, and now we need to check that the little tyke isn't getting too big. Anyway, we all went to the appointment as a family, and I must say it was pretty great (besides, of course, my other children climbing all over the office scaring all the moms to be). As soon as she put the cool gel on my belly, I saw his little face. It look PERFECT! He looked chubby, happy, and just like a real baby (not the little aliens you get to see early on). He is in the right position for his entrance to this world, and he is sufficiently cramped in there. So, what about his size? This is the confusing thing, his head is measuring big, but his other measurements are small. Hmmmmm. They say he is already about 5 lbs. That seems plenty big to me (by 34 weeks). I am a little anxious to get him here, but I know I am not ready yet.

Getting ready for him has been an interesting venture. He is sharing a room with Madeline (the oldest), which meant we had to paint the room. No boy of Bj's would sleep in a pink room! Here's that transformation.



There is a long story about the painting that no one needs to hear, let alone go through. Just know, it was a process full of twists, turns, and long hours. Argh. But it is done, and Madeline is a happy camper.

Now, I am spending my days washing clothing my sisters-in-law were kind enough to share, and I am thinking of all the things that need to be done. Pack hospital bags, diaper bags, put the sheets in the crib (but not too early, that little Liz keeps climbing in the crib), get nursing bras, finish those quilts, make a diaper carrier thingy (that is the technical term, I promise), start another quilt (it's terribly cold here in AZ, he needs many quilts), am I forgetting anything?

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