Friday, January 16, 2009


Are you ever amazed to be friends with the people you are friends with?

I feel so blessed to find such amazing people wherever I move.  I grew up in good ole' SLC, and I had the best group of friends.  We went to junior high/high school together, and then a bunch of us roomed at BYU together.  The thing I love best about these friends is the understanding that is there.  You don't ever have to explain yourself, because they all know the back story.  (Why I might have my dark moments every now and then).  And, you know their back story....the stuff that affects us, even though we wish it didn't color our lives so much.  We all know about each other's families, etc...  I love it.  I miss my friends dearly, and I feel lucky that each time we get together it feels like no time has passed.

As I have moved about the country, I have been able to meet some very fantastic women.  I may not know their story from birth, but their goodness speaks for itself.  I had some pretty fabulous friends in MI, and I often wondered why I was so lucky to have these amazing women as some of my best friends.  Here in the sunny southwest, we built our home in what I could call a dream neighborhood.  Kids my kids ages, friends to bail me out when I need them too, practical jokers, etc..  I am still amazed at the caliber of people I know.  

The blog world opened up a territory for me.  I was reconnected with friends, made new ones...and I am so grateful that I can read great recipes from Min, funny blurbs from Hadleyesque and the Butler family, great how to's and tips on how to be fabulous from Katie W. Hughes (private blog) and the Schofield family, and many others that I don't get to see on a daily basis.

So raise a glass (of martinelli's, we have two left in the fridge if anyone is game), and let's toast to a world full of great friends, great memories, and time to make new ones.


Angela said...

I will definitely raise a glass to that! We moved out to the country too and love it. My kids have other kids to play with... the parents are great too! The blog world is WONDERFUL! Very inspiring and motivating. Great post and blog!

Berrybritt said...

Love it, I will definitely raise a glass to friendship and wonderful women. To you, "wonderful women" I am glad to know you and love you and be able to connect with you on a semi-daily basis. Thanks for the post.

Min said...

I'm so lucky to be included among your list of friends...cousin or not! Thanks. You are an inspiration.

The Driggs said...

Sarah, you are a true friend. I have confided in you in so many ways and you don't know how great it is to know that I have another woman that I can talk to. You inspire me, make me laugh, make me want to be better, and you are talented in so many ways. I'm glad that I live just down the street and that you are there to tell me who is knocking on my front door!

Sara said...

i feel the same way...and i feel lucky to know you! YOU are one of those amazing women:)

bill, katie, and co. said...

Sweet Sarah. Sweet, sweet, Sarah. Sure love you. I'm so glad we're friends.