Friday, January 2, 2009

12th Day of Holiday

On the 12th day of Holiday, Sarah brought to you....a list of her favorite things.

I have been pondering this for awhile, because I have gained some fabulous information from others blogs about their favorite things. Let's begin (these, of course, are in no particular order).

1. The interactive music player on I love it. As the primary chorister, I have ample opportunities to use this. I love I can change keys, and make the songs singable for some of us who don't sing in the upper octaves.2. Bronzer from Costco. Anyone who knows me knows I love Costco, and there is good reason. They have fabulous stuff, like this bronzer. Each time I wear it I feel like I look healthy and glowing.
3. Microplaner....this is used in the kitchen (not woodshop). I use mine especially for zesting lemons, oranges, limes, etc... There is no easier way to do it. LOVE IT!
4. Love my iMac. I have had many people ask what is so special about them. It is very simple to give that answer. It works. All the time. It doesn't shut down, it doesn't cause me frustration, it just always works. After having a PC, it is something to love. Of course, there are the other perks like cool programs, and fun applications, but that is just icing on the cake.
5. Love my wireless headphones. Ours are plugged into our tv and I use them on my daily run on the treadmill. These babies help me run without crying. I have watched many a movie from Netflix with them. Love them, Love them.
6. Got these babies for Christmas. I have some pretty nice knives already, but I got these out to test them, and WOW, they are sharp. They chop through carrots with ease, potatoes were nothing, and they cut through onions so well I cried. Seriously. Where did I get them? COSTCO!
7. These flexible totes are so great. I got ours...guess???? Costco. But they are so fun. They can be squished and bent, so they can actually fit in tight places. They can be used to bathe 4 - 4year olds, they can be used as hampers, etc.... I loved using ours for camping. It was great.
8. My mom gaves this to me for my birthday. This is for wool felting. It has a needle punch too. When I use this to applique wool, I punch the wool on my fabric, and it is adhered well enough for me to applique it, and then there are NO bunches. Great for big pieces.
9. We all have these, but they are still one of my favorite things. They get anything and everything out. I don't know how my parents made it through without these.
10. This is the oil warmer from Bath and Body Works. I love how well this thing works. If you like scents, this will fill your house with the scent of your choice in a few short minutes. Love it. You can make it as fragrant as you wish. I am so glad my friend showed me this little number.
11. For many years I tried to avoid buying Tide. It is expensive. However, I tried it and loved it. Then I tried one of their scented varities (because...this is weird, but I love my clothes to smell really clean) and I loved it. This is my favorite. I went running in clothes washed in this, and after I sweat all over them, I can still smell this scent.

12. Charlotte (my very favorite sister-inlaw on my family's side) showed me this mascara. I love it. No more smudges, no more long day mascara under the eye. This only comes off when you wash it with mere water. And, it doesn't come off like normal either. They call them Mascara tubes, and that is how it looks when it comes off. You gotta try this mascara at least is great stuff.

If you are still reading, you must really love me. I hope you all enjoyed my 12 days of holiday....I know I did. I am sad the time is coming to an end, but I can always look forward to next year. Again....Happy New Year!


csperriton said...

Love it! This makes me want to list my favorite things. Thank you for sharing, I have actually been looking for some good knives AND mascara. I usually wear waterproof just because it never smudges. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Heather said...

I love your list. I especially need the mascara and bronzer ideas. I'm lacking with good makeup ideas. That's one reason I love blogs - so we can all share ideas of things that work to make our life easier.

I had you as a blog reader on my private blog, but i've never seen yours. Are you Angela Havens Davidson's friend?

Bisel Family said...

I am actually a friend of Katie Hughes, and Angela knows me through's a big chain. Thanks for letting me see your blog, it is fun to see what other AFG gals are up to.

Denise said...

I'll take one of each please. ;) I almost snuck in your bathroom on Sunday and used that mascara just to see but thought that was a little creepy and you might not invite me back if I started snooping through your stuff. Thanks for the fun weekend.

Megan Vanderlinden said...

I feel like a crafty tard... I have no idea what that wool thing is. As far as your other 'favs'... good call. Although I'm pretty sure I should have been somewhere on there ;).

Happy New Year!!!

D.C. Butler's said...

I've loved your 12 days. SO FUN! I have been thinking of blogging about my favorite things and now that you have done it, I know that it is the cool thing to do. Don't be surprised if I create a similar post. Have a great 2009!

shauna said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing. I got myself some bronzer and ordered the headset for my treadmill. Good stuff!

Laura said...

Hi Sara,
My husband was just saying how much we need some wireless headphones for the treadmill and it reminded me of this post of yours. Would you mind letting me know which brand you have? When we research them online many people comment on how the treadmill's motor (or something) interferes with how the work. Thanks so much!

Bisel Family said...

The brand is Sennheiser, and here is their website. I LOVE THEM!