Monday, January 12, 2009


It was 4:30 p.m.  The kids had done their homework, practiced piano, played outside with bubbles (yes, it is about 70 degrees out), sorted their laundry, and cleaned their rooms.  I thought to myself....are we really going to make it until 5:15 (when dad gets home and dinner starts) without TV or the Wii? [this must be the problem, if you think about it, somehow it changes...doesn't it?]  At 4:45 p.m. Mitch (the Wii addict) asks if he can play the Wii...then, of course, the others want play too.  

One day we will make it a whole day without TV or steps.


kimhumpherys said...

ahh, the days of kids getting home froms school so early to accomplish so much..i soooo miss that!! my kids get home now at 10 to 4 and then i have to be a nag and get them to get everything accomplished so quickly so they can just PLAY w/all the neighbor kids who anxiously wait..SIGH..

Denise said...

Maybe by the time my kids are Maddie and Mitchell's age we'll make it. Right now we've done really well if they make it until 10 am without turning it on. And if we had a wii I fear Seth would get up and play before work, or maybe even instead of work. I guess we'll hold off on that purchase.

kiki said...

FREEZING!! Every time I finish shoveling another snow storm hits us. tomorrow and the rest of the week its going to be very very cold. A warm front came in today- 25 degrees!! I might let the kids play outside- lol


Clarke and Kamie said...

oh my goodness--YEAH RIGHT that I could go a whole day without TV. I'm so sad. Especially in the winter! Maybe it's a good thing we don't own a wii (yet).