Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Double Duty

Busy week, busy Sunday, we're all busy. So, I am not going to do a double duty post. Bj already put Halloween pics on his blog,, please go visit his site to see how much fun we had.

Halloween was great. We had the trunk'r treat the night before (serious collection of the good stuff there), then on Halloween we spent the day putting Prop 102 door hangers in neighborhoods (thanks Seth and Denise for helping us), at class parties, visiting Nana Betty, having dinner with the big family, and trick or treating all over our neighbor, going to "booville," and falling asleep during the movie that night (I seriously can't stay awake in movie's anymore). We must thank all those who helped us collect yummy treats that filled our tummies that night, and will serve as stocking stuffers in about 2 months.

In almost related news, I found our halloween outfits for next year at target yesterday for $1.5 -$2.50. Seriously, that is great. I can afford that kind of stuff, now I won't have to go to Goodwill again, and come out feeling that supposed to cost that much?


Denise said...

I made it to Target a few hours too late, I was so sad, everything was picked over and too big. All I ended up with was a Halloween Tshirt for Luc for .50!!! I guess he'll have to be a boy dressed in a Halloween TShirt next year!

Thanks for a great Halloween Weekend!

marisa said...

Sarah -
This is Marisa from Academy from years you remember me? I was reading through this blog tonight that I got from Laura Whipple, with scrapbooking stuff, and this girl Summer has this photo of a quilt on it and she mentions her friend who is starting a quilting business and as I look closer at the photo I realize, "I think that is Sarah from Academy." Your quilts are beautiful! Best of luck with your quilting business!