Monday, November 3, 2008


My sweet friend Lydia tagged me, and I had to do it, because I love her that much. I am supposed to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder in my My Pictures folder and then tell about it. I am on a Mac and pics are organized slightly different, so I'll do the best I can.

I have tried for 2 days straight to upload pictures, but it isn't working.  What up blogspot?  So, imagine a picture of a 1.5 year old Elizabeth in the bathtub covered with suds.  She is super cute, super naked, and super great.  On this occasion, Bj was washing her and she slipped and gave her a dislocated elbow, the third or fourth in her short life.  Poor kid!  The pictures that come after this one are of her screaming and crying.  You'd think we would be smart enough to stop taking pictures, but alas, we didn't realize what had happened to her.  Poor Monkey!  I will keep trying to post the pics, but I wanted sweet Lydia to know I am participating in your tagginess (that is a word, I promise).

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The Driggs said...

Okay what has Lizzie NOT been through? Oh I know...childbirth! Other then that she has experienced it all. The poor thing. I have not done any photo uploading lately, but I have read on other people's blogs that they are having issues as well.