Friday, August 1, 2008


Sometimes I wish (erroneously) that life was consequence free.  I wish I could go to the movies and order a huge tub of buttered popcorn without worrying about  how well my jeans may fit in the morning.  I wish I could totally gut my bathrooms, redo them, and still have the same amount of money in my checking account afterwards.  I wish I could stay up all night enjoying time with the love of my life, and not be tired in the morning.  I wish I could say whatever was on my mind without worrying if I have hurt half the worlds feelings.

Alas, if the world were consequence free, I guess I wouldn't receive all those "good" consequences.  You know, like those huge hugs at the end of the day from kids I have loved until I might lose it.  Sore muscles from working my body so it can be stronger.  Improvement on my quilting skills.   And, with more intense thinking (it has to be intense you know)....I guess there needs to be negative consequences. Without those negative consequences I am sure the world would be a much less pleasant place to be. 

 It is so frustrating after wishing for something to be different, to realize Heavenly Father had it right in the first place.  So, I guess I am grateful I have to work hard to fit in my jeans, and I am grateful to hold off on all our home improvement plans,  and I am grateful my husband lets me go to sleep when I am exhausted (even though I would like to pretend I am a kid again).  And, a little self censorship is always a good thing.   But, maybe secretly, I might wish for a couple consequence free moments.


blw said...

Okay...That was a hilarious little essay missy! You are a talented lady to make me laugh at 3pm in the afternoon. I am usually ready to pull my hair out by that time!

Wade family said...

wishing... I wish for different things than you but I totally see your point ... cuz I eat the whole tub of popcorn with butter on it anyway... and I just don't wear my jeans the next day :)