Thursday, July 31, 2008


It finally came.  Madeline was baptized on Saturday, and the day worked out quite well.  We had my mom, and 2 of Maddie's cousins come on Wednesday, and my dad flew in on Saturday.  Bj's two sisters and their families came, as well as his parents.  Her non-LDS teacher from school came too (we love you Mrs. Ludeke). We also had a fairly big showing from our ward family as well.  I felt so glad that this day turned out well for my little one. 

Madeline was the second to be baptized, and as I walked her into the font, we realized the water was really low.  I mean very very very low.  It came up to Bj's knees (maybe).  Bj just looked out at the leaders, hoping someone would fill the font, but he just did it.  Madeline practically had to lay down on the bottom of the font.  But, it was a good memory and something to remember.  While listening to the speakers and enjoying this day, it all became worth it.  All the preparations, all the stress, all the late nights putting together a baptism memory book for her, all of it was worth it.  My little one was making a huge covenant with her Heavenly Father, and I was blessed enough to be a part of it.  After she came out of the font, we took a moment and just hugged (and I got all wet), and I asked how she felt.  She said she could feel the Spirit.  Ahhh, I hope she loves that feeling because that will get her through her life.

Afterwards we had everyone over for a light dinner, the food was delicious, the company better, and the joy of having that stress checked off the list even more enjoyable.  

So, now that is over what are we doing?  Preparing for school, which starts on Monday.  My kids are so excited to start again, to see all their friends, to learn new things, to have new teachers, and to play at recess.  Happy Day, all is well.


Christine said...

congrats to Madeline! That pic of you and her is beautiful. What a great fam!

Hampton said...

Congratulations Madeline on your baptism and you look pretty in your white dress. Good job Mom and Dad.

The Hampton Family