Thursday, August 7, 2008

School Rocks!

This is the first year we have ever had Dad home to see the kids off.  We were able to drop them off at their classrooms this year, and they were both excited beyond belief to be back at school.
This is at their Elementary school.  They love their teachers, Mitchell has Madeline's teacher from the last 2 years, and Madeline is very excited to learn new things with a new teacher.

After the whirlwind of Madeline's baptism, we had 1 whole week to get ready for school.  We spent it shopping for school clothes and school supplies.  We also tried to have as much fun as possible before the routine of school set it.  We went swimming, to the library, played lots of Wii, watched the Star Wars movies, and had play dates.  

Now,  they are back to school and it seems like we never had a summer.  I am back to my wake up at 5:30 a.m. schedule (it hurts) after taking the summer off.  I have to admit, I am accomplishing more, but it sure was nice to take a load off during the summer and enjoy the days with my little ones.  The kids are so lucky to have so many friends in their classes, and they love all they are able to do.  Madeline is already beset with homework, but Mitchell is still awaiting the day when he can show forth his homework abilities.  I was pretty nervous to have sweet Elizabeth home all day, I was terribly afraid she would be bored.  At first (before they even left for school Monday morning), Elizabeth was sad they were leaving.  But, as soon as they left, she was ready to play.  She even told me to take a nap, and played happily with her trains while I took a rest.  I am so blessed to have her as my child, she loves to pretend, and I absolutely love that she entertains herself.   Of course, we are having fun while the big kids are in school: swimming, library days, play dates, shopping, etc....

In other news:  this is the week of repairs.  In two days we have spent over $600 to repair our air conditioner and Bj's car.  Sometimes I am less enthusiastic about spending so much money on stuff that isn't that fun, but alas, I guess that is the point of having $$$$, so we can spend it on the necessary things in life.  I am grateful we could repair these things, I think I might be dead without an air conditioner!  


Christine said...

I can't believe school is starting again. Summer goes to fast. Your kids look great. Hope they have a good school year!

kiki said...

Love your blog!


Heidi said...

I swear, I could see your kids on the street without you and I'd be all, "Um, are you related to Sarah?" Because they look JUST LIKE YOU! Darling!