Monday, July 14, 2008

A week of Celebration

This has been Madeline's week of celebration.  She turned 8 on Sunday, and we had so much fun celebrating the whole week.  After downloading last weeks pictures I realized there is plenty to blog about (which is probably why there weren't a whole lots of entries last week).  We had swim lessons, ear piercing,  birthday parties, more birthday parties, and more birthday parties.

So here it goes.  The kids had swimming lessons this week.  Usually the do it all summer, but it didn't work out this summer.  So, one week for them, and that is all.  Maddie and Mitch both moved up to level 5, and sweet Liz gets to stay in level 2.  I was very pleased with Elizabeth in the pool.  Up until this point (this year), she hasn't wanted to swim without a floaty, but not at swim lessons.  She was happy to jump in the pool, and swim back and forth to her teacher.  
Here are some swim pictures:

Ear Piercing

We also decided that 8 would be our families age for ear piercing.  Madeline was slightly nervous about this until about a month ago.  Bj bet me $5 Madeline would come home with only one ear pierced.  I can't say I have $5, but Madeline did earn it for me.  She was so brave.  SO brave.  Not even a flinch.  She is one tough monkey.  She went with her friend Aubry, and we had fun watching these two great friends go through this rite of passage together.

Birthday Party

We also had the friend birthday party.  Since, of course, the 8th birthday is so special, we had to do a fantastic party.  A big girl tea party was the thing for us.  We had such a great time, we had a little etiquette lesson before we left, then we went to a local tea room.  We enjoyed the Mad Hatters tea. We all chose our own tea cup, and then enjoyed tea sandwiches, scones, and fruit.  We then headed home for cake and ice cream...which no one was hungry for, but I at least had to offer it (it was a birthday party after all).

Friday night we also celebrated Nana Laura's birthday at the Olive Garden.  We don't have any pictures, but we can't leave out any of the birthday parties.

Birthday Dinner
On Saturday we spent the day having fun, and anticipating "the big present" Madeline was going to get that night.   For Madeline's special birthday dinner, she requested potato soup and bread bowls.  My adorable and lovely Elizabeth couldn't resist these bread bowls, and promptly stuck her finger in the side bread bowls to pull out the middles.  Arghhhh. (she also ate off the top of the birthday cakes the day before).

Bread Bowl Recipe

2/3 cup warm water (110
degrees F/45 degrees C)
2 TBS active dry yeast
1 tsp. sugar
2 cups hot water
5 TBS. oil/shortening
1 TBs. salt
3 TBS. sugar
6 - 6 1/2 cups flour

1 egg white to brush on top

In a large bowl, mix warm water, yeast, and sugar. Wait 5-10 minutes.
Mix together the rest of the warm water, oil, salt, sugar, and half the flour. Mix well. Add the rest of the flour in, mix well. Let rise for 30 minutes. Punch down. (can do up to 3 times) Knead dough a little.
Form bread bowls to about the size of your fist, or slightly bigger. Place on a greased cookie sheet. Make an X cut on the tops with scissors or a knife.  Lightly brush the tops of loaves wtih egg whites.
Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 15-20 minutes, then check...add time if needed. Should be very light golden brown on top. 

Potato Soup Recipe
3 leeks (use white part only)
1 medium onion
4 cups chicken broth
4-6 potatoes
1 cup cream

dice leeks and onions.  melt butter and saute leeks and onions in pot until golden brown.  add chicken broth and potatoes.  bring to a boil.  lower temperature to a simmer for about 30  minutes or until potatoes are tender.  Either mash or blend potatoes, be careful to leave a couple chunks of potato.  Add cream when the soup is hot, but not boiling.    Salt and pepper to taste.

Family Birthday Party
Madeline received very big girl presents this year.  She got an ipod shuffle, a digital camera (our old one), and a new sewing machine.  Every time I get ready to work on my quilts (while the kids are awake) she wants me to help her make a quilt.  We are all excited to start her quilting her own stuff, and see what creations she can come up with.  Where did I get this machine?  Overstock, you gotta love that place.

And for those of you out there that is Madeline's baptism announcement.  If you really want to know the time, date, address...let me know.   I'll email you.


Denise said...

Seth asked me for your potato soup like a month ago and I said "sure sweety" and then never made it. Awesome. I hope he doesn't look at your blog.

Berrybritt said...

Sarah, this is so awsome I love it. Looks like you had a great week. I am excited to get Brooklyn's ears pierced. Glad everything went well. Can't wait for more pictures.

Ponczoch Family said...

What a fun week! Suzette & I received our 1st sewing machines in 2nd grade for Christmas... unfortunately I still don't sew;) But I bet that Madeline will be making quilts in no time.

Ruth said...

Awesome week!
Congrats to Madeline on turning 8 and baptism. That makes one white dress left, Mom. Enjoy the moment, the memories...they grow up so fast.