Sunday, July 6, 2008


The picture is pretty fuzzy, but here is our red, white, and blue breakfast.  The kids came up with this idea, and we were all too happy to oblige them.  It's just blueberry muffins with a few swirls of red food coloring.

We finally finished this 2000 piece puzzle.  It has been haunting me while it sat in my living room, unfinished.  It has also been a huge temptation for many a 2 year old coming to visit.  Lest you think we did this all by ourselves, I would like to thank all those who helped.

A big thanks to:
Nana Laura
Denise Avey
Seth Avey
Wendie Jarman
Dyana Johnson
her friend April
Bryan Jarman
Brian Rassmussen

The puzzle now is framed and on the wall in our game room. I am not a big puzzle person, and I don't think this puzzle has made me into one.  but I do appreciate all those who enjoy doing them, it has helped this get finished!
Madeline's 8th birthday is coming up.  We have been planning birthday parties, getting ready for visitors, taking pictures, and getting ready for her baptism.  Even Elizabeth is excited, she spent a good part of the time we were in the pool baptizing us all.  This truly is a wonderful time, and I feel so blessed to be Madeline's mother, and watch her make this covenant with her Heavenly Father.

I am so grateful for my sweet husband.  He does little things for me every now and then that mean so much to me.  Like today, he has meetings every Sunday morning (usually from 9-1 and then church starts at 1), and that means I get to spend the morning preparing the sweet little ones for church.  Well, this morning is fast sunday.  Fast Sundays are a little bit more of a challenge.    Well, much to my surprise, Bj came home at about 11 and got the kids ready for church, and helped them get a snack, while I worked on Madeline's baptism announcement and got ready for church.  He even ironed my skirt.   Now, he is back for more meetings, but I am so grateful he came home to help while he could.  Not all husbands are as thoughtful as he is, and I am supremely grateful to have him as mine!

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The Driggs said...

What a fantublous idea to make those red and blue muffins. For St. Patrick's Day we used green food coloring and tried to mix it with cheese for cheese crisps....oh wait, you know them as quesadillas! Anyways, they did not look very appetizing!

Great job finishing that puzzle. I remember seeing it on your living room table. So sorry that I did not contribute that day! I could have made the list!

I love that photo of Madeline's bow. And I love her baptism announcement. You did such a great job. She looks so pretty and all grown up. Caitlynn is so excited to go and watch Madeline get baptized.

And that is so wonderful of BJ to come home and help you. That must be hard having him gone so much...but when he comes home to devote himself as a father and husband, it makes it all worth it!