Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tear it up!

Saturday our world changed.  We bought tile, had an easter egg hunt, then promptly decided to tear out all our carpet before the neighborhood dumpster got all FULL.  

Goodbye carpet, you were well loved, and now completely trashed.

Our kiddos did lots of work.

Tearing carpet, taking out tack strips, pulling out the base boards, and being happy the whole time.

M & M worked together.  One on the tack strips, the other on the base boards.  They tried to switch it up, but afterwards I heard them both say they were better at their previous jobs.

Oh yea, hey...if you are going to get new flooring, the walls should change color too.  RIGHT? 
You betcha!  At first, I thought I should go safe, but changed my mind at the paint store.   It's still a "safe" color, but no more tan.

Hello Mr. Noah.  Are you enjoying being neglected?  Do you love that Bumbo seat?  Are you tired of all the dust, paint, and lack of a soft surface?  

Me too!


summer said...

Of all the great things you are doing - I happened to notice Madeline's cute bob haircut. I am so close to having my Madeleine's hair cut like that....does she like it? Did you use a picture to take in and show people? I want a great bob - what do you suggest, hers looks so darling!

And I really do hope that your home projects are going well. What a fun adventure to take on as a family. Good luck - be sure to post the after pictures as well!

Adam and Sariah said...

I feel your pain with the mess, dust, and constant work that goes along with renovating. We have done a lot of it here at our new house and even though it is tiring to go through you always love it so much more in the end. Can't wait to see the end result. Good luck!

Sara said...

good thing we have cute babies to make us smile when life gets chaotic huh?:) and where were these bumbo chairs when i first started having kids... i couldn't resist getting one, even though this is my last baby! can't wait to see all your hard efforts in the finished product.