Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's new?


Our life is chaos.  

I have pictures of the chaos, but since everything is torn to shreads, I haven't found the time to download the pictures.

Here's the deal:

torn out carpet
dusty cement floor
furniture filling the garage
full dumpster
paint to buy

In all that chaos, all I can really seem to see is my BEAUTIFUL baby.  Every time I look at him he gives me the biggest grin.  Seriously heart melting stuff!  


Ruth said...

Sounds CRAZY over there...I know that one day we'll be doing the same. Good luck girl! Hey, at least you have a legit excuse why you house is not picked up or other :) hehe...it's under construction! Mine: it's Spring cleaning!

Ruth said...

typo...I meant YOUR house not "you" house...sorry it's the foreigner in me :)