Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Super Great Finds

Magnavox 160GB HDD & DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner

My life has changed for the better.  I know, how lame, my life has changed because I found 2 fabulous ways to make watching TV and movies easier/better.

The first is the Magnavox Recorder.  This is like Tivo, but not subscription.  I love it.  I can rewind/fastforward TV, pre-record shows, etc.  I am way too cheap to pay for a service each month.  I am loving this....and it is only the cost of the machine.  Happy Day.

We used this a lot recently, and I have to say, it saves us time.  We watch what we want to watch, fast forward the commercials, and it rocks.

I know, the rest of america already has something like it, but if you don't...check this out.

The second is streaming netflix onto our TV through the Wii.  LOVE this.

I exercise on a treadmill and watch DVD's to keep me interested.  I have had netflix  all these years to help me out.  Now, life is even better.  I don't have to wait for DVD's, I can stream video through my Wii.  

Sweet Sandwiches!!!  I love this.

I can watch TV episodes, movies, documentaries, etc..  

and order your disk, they will send it to you.  It is free, and you keep it FOREVER.

The only drawback?  No parental controls, so be careful and aware of what your kids choose. We like the idea of hiding the disk.


Wendie said...

Yeah I hid mine as soon as it arrived.

csperriton said...

I need more info on the netflix through the wii. we don't get netflix so how do you go about doing this? we are so behind the times, never had tivo only through media center on our computer.

Tracy said...

I love, love our DVR, saves us tons of time because we record stuff and fast-forward all commercials. So I didn't know that you could buy a box to do this and not pay the service fee. How COOL!

Bisel Family said...


When you subscribe to Netflix, you get movies through the mail, and you can watch an unlimited number of movies from the internet (streaming to computer, or through the Wii to your TV). It is seriously great. You should got to the Netflix website to check out the deals.

Brooke H said...

I'm glad you are loving your DVR as much as I do. We use ours everyday. We also just got Netflix over the Wii last week and my kids are so happy! It's like having Disney channel without cable. I too worry about the parental controls, I only have kids shows in my queue and you can monitor what has been watched on your netflix account. I am as excited as you are about these two items. Thank goodness for new technology!

Anonymous said...

We love our Netflix disc for the Wii!!! Your new family room looks fantastic!!! Wish I could come sit and talk books and eat cookies with you there. :)