Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Very Own Star

Last week, Madeline starred as Sacagawea in the school musical of Lewis and Clark.  I was so proud of her.  She had to try out for a part, and I was excited when I found out she is playing one of the main characters.  

I was surprised, however, when her teacher talked to me about how well she was doing memorizing all her lines.  huh?  What lines, I don't hear a thing about this at home.  She practiced, obviously...but when?  She never shared that she was excited, or scared.  Even a few nights before the "show" she didn't seem to have any feelings about it.

On the night of the show, she was nervous. {Okay, she is normal!}  On stage, she was picture perfect, didn't seem nervous at all.  She sang her solo perfectly, and I was so impressed by her ability to keep her cool.  

We teased her about being "married" to her school mate Drew....that was lots of fun. {because Sacagawea was married to Charbonneau}.

We are still singing the songs...

.they were Lewis and Clark, Clark and Lewis.....

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