Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sad Realization

I have had a sad realization.  I am no longer young and spry.

 How do I know this?  Each time I raise to standing from a sitting position, I cringe at the pain in my knees.  

Yes, I still sit indian style at the dinner table, at the computer, on the couch, or basically anytime I sit.  

Apparently, the time has come for me to sit like an adult.  hmmm.  I should probably grow a couple inches so my feet can touch the floor (wouldn't that be nice).

As I type this, I am sitting indian style.  Ahhhhh,  when it comes time to walk away from the computer tonight, the walk will look more like a hobble.  


Missy said...

I generally sit indian style too. Or at least with one leg tucked up underneath me. They usually fall asleep on me!

The Driggs said...

First of all, you ARE young and spry! (I've never heard of the word spry before). I am getting all rusty too...I hear my toes popping every step I take. But, I think when you're old, you won't be able to sit Indian style anymore, so there's proof you're still young!

Brooke H said...

I can totally relate, but I've been old for years now. My suggestion is a small footrest to go under your desk so your feet won't be dangling. I got one at work when I was pregnant with Madison and it saved my back. As for sitting on the floor, just go slowly and let your body catch up with you. ;)