Friday, March 12, 2010

Family Update

Can you believe it? My little girl has braces!!! I knew the day would come, but I always thought it would be when she was older, when I was richer, or something like that. However, the day is here, and in a way I am excited for her. She gets to experience this time when she is young, when her self esteem won't be knocked to nothing by the looks and comments of boys.
Our family is consumed by game nights as of late. Last weekend we spent Friday night playing Monopoly and eating candy meant for Christmas (don't was stored nicely at the bottom of our freezer). The fun never ends when there is chocolate and gaming involved. Our kids love this time, and in these small moments I think that maybe, just maybe I might be an okay mother.
Seriously, this was an awesome moment. Two weeks ago, while nursing my little one in bed on a "lazy" Sunday morning (7 a.m.), my big kids made a plan. The plan? To make breakfast for mom in bed. One might imagine, cereal, pancakes, or muffins. Nope, my kiddos went all out and made FRENCH TOAST for their dear mother. Did they have help? No! Completely independent of any adult assistance, they made and delivered french toast to my bed, complete with syrup and whip cream.

Where was dad? Church meetings.

These are the shining moments of joy I need to reflect on more often.

These are the moments I need to remember when my youngest empties out all the albuterol from the fast acting inhaler, and all the vials for the nebulizer. When my children fight to the death over who gets to sit next to the baby. When I get sassed left and right.

There is joy all around me, I just need to stop and remember it.


Jodi said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe that baby is already old enough to be gumming a cracker. No way is that possible!!!! Those eyes are unbelievable...

The Driggs said...

I love that your kids made you French Toast in bed. Not only do I love that they did that act of service, but I love that they knew HOW to do it! And Madelynn looks so cute in her braces. I remember being younger and my favorite olympic gymnast (Kristi Phillips) had braces. I wanted them so bad that I took a paper clip, straightened it out, and then curved it so I could wear it on my teeth to look like a retainer.